1 Sep 2020


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Keys to growth

Unpacking Brigit’s journey to $100 million in revenue

  • PFM app Brigit surpassed $100 million in revenue in 2023. What are the key drivers behind this milestone?
  • CEO Zuben Mathews credits the revenue increase to three main factors: effective marketing, strategic product launches, and their cash flow technology.
Sara Khairi | May 22, 2024

From direct lending to embedded finance: Luke Voiles on Pipe’s evolving value proposition

  • Pipe's CEO Luke Voiles joins Tearsheet editor Zack Miller on the podcast to discuss the firm's move into embedded lending with its new Capital as a Service platform.
  • From his roles at Intuit, Square, and now Pipe, Luke shares his management style, approach to building world-class products, and how he handles work-life balance.
Zachary Miller | May 21, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

The strategies behind MoneyLion’s march to profitability

  • MoneyLion's strategy capitalizes on the margin differentials between first-party and third-party products, achieving a 90% product margin through cross-selling initiatives.
  • The firm is pursuing continuous enhancements and investments in its business operations, particularly in expanding the depth of the overall marketplace experience going forward.
Sara Khairi | May 20, 2024
Building a platform

Stash goes B2B with StashWorks

  • Stash has taken its popular investing and savings app to the workplace with a new employee benefit offering, StashWorks.
  • StashWorks turns Stash's savings and investing offering into workplace benefit that rewards employees for saving money.
Zachary Miller | May 20, 2024
Banking, Financial Education

Banking on wheels: Fifth Third and SpringFour are taking financial wellness for a spin

  • Fifth Third has partnered with SpringFour on its Financial Empowerment Mobile (eBus), which brings banking products and financial health resources to underserved communities.
  • The partnership and relaunch of the eBus comes after a year and a half work involving a diverse range of stakeholders across the bank.
Rabab Ahsan | May 17, 2024
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