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Girish Balasubramanian
VP of Product Management at Credit Karma

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Saul Van Beurden
Chief Information Officer at Wells Fargo

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David Talach
Senior Vice President, QuickBooks Money and E2E Experiences, Small Business & Self-Employed Group, Intuit

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Building Financial Products Gen Z Loves Symposium

March 7, 2024
Mastercard Tech Hub - NYC

Join Tearsheet and other senior professionals from across the industry for an in-person symposium devoted to tackling one of the most poignant challenges today for financial services: Building new products and marketing strategies to target Gen Z, the largest generation and the future of financial services. So, what better way to help move the ball forward than meeting with an all-star group of your peers to work it all out? Listen, share, contribute – magic happens when a bunch of experienced, smart people from across the industry get together to discuss the future. ​ If you're involved in formulating strategy and/or tactics for your firm's banking or payment products or marketing to Gen Z, this symposium is for you. We give preference to professionals at banks and payments companies. Investors and consultants are welcome, too.

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Just released

April 04, 2024

How Current and Lumanu are reworking their technology and customer focus to get closer to Gen Z consumer and business customers

Some neobanks and fintechs are resonating with Gen Z much more than traditional FIs. That may be...

April 01, 2024

‘Having a relationship with that next generation is good for banks’ immediate bottom lines’: Greenlight’s Matt Wolf

Understanding how a system works is the first step to leveraging it to your advantage. However in...

March 25, 2024

Gen Z’s Financial Future: Navigating debit, credit, and digital influence with Mastercard’s Bunita Sawhney

Shout out to our sponsor This article is brought to you by StrawberryFrog. StrawberryFrog has...

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