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The Identity Proofing Guide: A practical hands-on review of user experience in leading solutions


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The Identity Proofing Guide: A practical hands-on review of user experience in leading solutions

As customer onboarding has moved increasingly to online channels -- especially via mobile devices -- the need for identity proofing solutions has grown rapidly in many sectors, particularly within financial services. 

By 2023, identity proofing will play an integral role in onboarding workflows for 85% of organizations -- an increase of 30% from today.

In response to the demand, a wide range of identity proofing solution providers have emerged. Organizations seeking to adopt identity proofing into their business operations face a confusing landscape, with a wide range of potential vendors and solutions to choose from. 

Identity proofing is inherently a customer-first service. And yet, user experience (UX) is often an under-appreciated aspect of the design of document-centric identity proofing solutions. 

The best solutions seek to balance all of the drivers of UX, depending on the nature of the risks they are helping clients to manage. How skillfully the UX of identity proofing solutions is designed can have a significant impact on the final outcomes of any digital onboarding process, and ultimately business results.

That’s why we created this guide: to help business leaders understand the UX elements of identity proofing solutions, and to ensure that end-customer user experience is given a sufficiently high priority.

Read this insightful guide to hear from senior banking executives about the importance of UX when selecting technology partners. Get a deep-dive hands-on review of six leading identity proofing solutions, and a glimpse of the emerging identity landscape.

Download the guide to learn all about: 

  • What identity proofing is, including key features of solutions
  • Why UX in identity proofing matters more than ever
  • Hands-on UX analysis of six selected solutions from around the world 
  • A look ahead to the future of identity proofing

Download the guide now.

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