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Challengers Conference 2020: All the session videos

  • Challenger banks have grown rapidly in the U.S. market and incumbents have accelerated their digital banking products.
  • Last month's Challenger Conference addressed the most important issues facing the industry.

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Challengers Conference 2020: All the session videos

In September 2020, Tearsheet hosted its first Challengers Conference. Two days exclusively devoted to digital banking, the Challengers Conference addressed what top firms in banking are innovating on in terms of products and services, strategy, talent, and customer acquisition to thrive in today's unprecedented environment.

Tearsheet's Suman Bhattacharyya summarized the major themes from the conference as startups and incumbents deal with many of the same issues. 

The full session videos are available to Tearsheet's Outlier members. Our partner and sponsor of the event Strands has made its video available that captures a fascinating discussion between Erdi Karaca, head of HSBC Kinetic, and Erik Brieva, CEO of Strands, on using data to power SMB banking services and the incredible digital transformation underway at one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Challenger Conference Highlights 2020

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Erdi A. Karaca, HSBC Kinetic, Global Commercial Banking and Erik Brieva, Strands

Erdi Karaca, HSBC Kinetic, and Erik Brieva, CEO of Strands, had a wonderful discussion on using financial data to help customers make better financial decisions during Tearsheet's Challengers Conference 2020.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Awards Ceremony

At Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference, we celebrated some of the best and brightest in digital banking with our Challenger Awards.

Here were the awards and their winners:

  • Challenger Consumer Bank of the Year: Current
  • Challenger Commercial Bank of the Year: Intuit’s QuickBooks Cash
  • Partner Bank of the Year: MetaBank
  • Best Banking Service Partner: MANTL
  • Most Innovative Bank: Varo
  • Best New Product: Galileo Instant
  • Best Banking App: Bank HaPoalim’s Bit
  • Best Banking Card Product: Stash’s Stock Back Card
  • Best Digital Campaign: PNC Bank’s Virtual Wallet Campaign
  • Best SMB Digital Banking Vision & Strategy: Arival Bank

Read more about the awards here

Members of Tearsheet's Outlier program have access to all the session videos below.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Alex Weber, N26

Alex Weber, Chief Growth Officer at N26 addressed Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference, discussing building and growing a truly global bank.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Tripp Shriner, Point72 Ventures

Tripp Shriner, partner at p72, addressed Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference with a discussion on the investment case: The evolution of challenger banks and what the future has in store for digital banking.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]:Mike Reust, Betterment

Mike Reust, President of Retail at Betterment, addressed the audience at Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference. He discussed combining investing and banking and profiled Betterment's move into banking.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]:Rob Daniel, Intuit

Rob Daniel, Head of Product for QuickBooks Cash at Intuit, joined us at Tearsheet's inaugural Challenger Conference, and introduced QuickBooks Cash, Intuit's new banking product for SMBs.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]:Michael Rangel, Bank Novo

Michael Rangel, CEO of Bank Novo, addressed Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference 2020 with a discussion on "Banking the changing needs of today's small businesses".

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]:Stuart Sopp, Current

Stuart Sopp, CEO of Current, presented at Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference 2020 with a discussion about "Serving the underserved: Building products for customers overlooked by traditional banks".

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]:Beth Johnson, Citizens Bank

Beth Johnson, CXO at Citizens Bank, addressed Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference 2020, discussing how digital, personal interaction still remains important for customers.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 1]:Luvleen Sidhu, BankMobile

BankMobile CEO Luvleen Sidhu addressed the inaugural Tearsheet Challengers Conference with a discussion about the importance of digital banking during COVID-19 and how BankMobile is navigating the pandemic.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]:Philippa Girling, Varo Money

Philippa Girling, Chief Risk Officer at Varo Money, talks about the road ahead for the first chartered challenger bank in the U.S. She joined us at Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference 2020.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]:Miro Pavletic, Credit Sesame

Miro Pavletic, General Manager and Head of Global Banking at Credit Sesame, addressed Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference with a discussion on Sesame Cash and the global appeal of tying banking to personal finance managers.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]:Chris Hutchins, Wealthfront

Chris Hutchins, Head of Autonomous Financial Planning at Wealthfront, discussed self driving money and the future of autonomous finance at Tearsheet's Challengers Conference 2020.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]:Ronald Oliveira, Revolut

Ronald Oliveira, CEO of Revolut, talks about "bringing incumbent banking sensibilities to the world of digital banking" at Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers Conference 2020.

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]:Sean Hunter, OakNorth

Sean Hunter, CIO at OakNorth, addressed Tearsheet's inaugural Challengers conference 2020. His topic for discussion was "Learning by doing: How running a challenger bank informs a lending software strategy".

Challengers Conference 2020 [Day 2]:Andrei Cherney, Aspiration

Andrei Cherney, CEO of Aspiration, addressed the inaugural Tearsheet Challengers Conference with a discussion on the appeal of green financial services for today's banking customer.

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