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‘We’ll see more innovative storytelling tactics’: 2021’s biggest marketing trends in financial services

  • Marketing and growth leaders share their opinions on the most significant marketing trends for 2021.
  • We examine video marketing, cross-channel personalization, increases in online advertising and more.

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‘We’ll see more innovative storytelling tactics’: 2021’s biggest marketing trends in financial services

Tearsheet will explore this topic and others related to marketing, customer acquisition, branding, customer journeys, and more at our upcoming Acquire Conference — all about the growth behind today’s top financial service brands.

Since the onset of the pandemic, marketing strategies have matured to keep up with the evolving needs of financial services. Human connection is at the forefront of marketing tactics this year, as businesses aspire to broaden and hone their relationships with consumers through improved customer service, hyper personalization and video marketing. Tearsheet narrows in on the key marketing trends of 2021. 

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