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Super Bowl 2024: The crypto marketing trend that faded as quickly as it emerged

  • This year's Super Bowl saw advertisers go all out with prominent commercials for various brands but cryptocurrency ads were a no-show.
  • But does it also mean that the crypto craze has fizzled out because there were no crypto ads? Not necessarily.

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Super Bowl 2024: The crypto marketing trend that faded as quickly as it emerged

Generative AI has been at the center of conversations at Davos and discussions surrounding emerging trends in financial services. However, bitcoin has also managed to draw attention following the SEC’s approval of US-listed spot price ETFs. But this renewed interest surrounding crypto didn’t translate to popular crypto ads during America’s premier sporting event, the Super Bowl, earlier this month. While crypto marketing was a no-show, AI secured a spot among the brands vying for attention during one of the biggest marketing events of the year.

Take, for example, Google’s ad that focused on a new AI-powered accessibility feature for its Pixel camera ahead of the game.

Advertisers went all out with other prominent commercials for brands like Hellmann’s, Uber Eats, Volkswagen, Verizon, and CeraVe. The event also welcomed a star-studded lineup, with the likes of Taylor Swift, Elon Musk, and Justin Bieber making appearances. Despite a plethora of celebrity endorsements and cameo appearances, including Ben Affleck’s in Dunkin’s ad series, the approach seemingly faltered in embracing ‘less is more‘, leaving many viewers struggling to connect with the messages conveyed in the ads.

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