‘Brick walls are there to be broken by those who deserve to’: Curve’s story of resilience with Shachar Bialick

  • By sitting on top of the card networks, Curve is able to provide value-added financial services as an aggregator that can't be replicated by other firms further down the stack.
  • Curve's founder and CEO joins us on the podcast to share a deeper story of personal motivation and resilience behind a shared commitment to empower individuals to take control of their financial destinies.

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‘Brick walls are there to be broken by those who deserve to’: Curve’s story of resilience with Shachar Bialick

Today, I invite you to join us as we uncover the story of Curve, a creative fintech that’s a sort of operating system for money, impacting the way people spend, send, see and save money

Step into the world of Shachar Bialick, founder and CEO at Curve, as we traverse the company’s path from its humble beginnings in 2016 to its strategic expansion into international markets. It’s a tale of resilience, grit, and determination, as Curve works to carve out its place in a competitive fintech space.

Along the way, we’ll uncover five pivotal insights that shed light on Curve’s approach to finance. From offering customers a real-time, panoramic view of their finances to navigating the complexities of international expansion with precision and foresight, Curve is reworking the way people interact with their money.

Shachar shares the intricacies of Curve’s revenue model, where interchange fees, subscriptions, and platform revenue converge to create an ecosystem of financial empowerment. It’s a model built on innovation, adaptability, and a pursuit of customer-centric solutions.

But beyond the numbers and metrics lies a deeper story of personal motivation and resilience. As Shachar shares insights from his own journey, we gain a glimpse into the driving force behind Curve’s success—a shared commitment to empower individuals to take control of their financial destinies.

So, join us as we peel back the layers of Curve’s story, uncovering the passion, vision, and sheer determination that have propelled this fintech to get to where it is today.

The big ideas

  1. Curve’s Unique Value Proposition: Shachar highlights Curve’s ability to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their finances across all accounts, offering real-time insights and personalized financial recommendations. As he states, “In real time, we know exactly how you look across all your accounts, from anywhere in the world, business versus personal.”
  2. International Expansion Strategy: The podcast delves into Curve’s strategic approach to international expansion, emphasizing a methodical and calculated entry into new markets. Shachar outlines the company’s deliberate expansion timeline, stating, “We have a real moat… we’re not in a rush to get anywhere.” This measured approach acknowledges the importance of market selection and regulatory considerations in ensuring long-term success.
  3. Revenue Diversification: Curve’s revenue model is multifaceted, comprising three main channels: interchange fees, subscriptions, and platform revenue. By offering subscription tiers and leveraging platform revenue through partnerships, Curve aims to create a sustainable and scalable business model. Shachar explains, “Curve has three revenue channels… the third one is what we call platform revenue.”
  4. Empowering Financial Decision-Making: A central theme of the podcast is Curve’s mission to empower customers to make informed financial decisions. Through data-driven insights and personalized recommendations, Curve aims to optimize customers’ financial outcomes. Shachar illustrates this concept with an example, stating, “We recommend you what to do, you decide what you want to do. And once you decide, we’re going to do it for you.”
  5. Personal Motivation and Resilience: Shachar’s personal journey, from a challenging upbringing to special forces training, underscores the resilience and determination driving Curve’s success. His reflections on overcoming obstacles and staying motivated provide insight into the ethos of the company. As he shares, “Brick walls are there to prevent those who are not deserving… only those who deserve them… are able to get there.” This resilience and unwavering belief in their mission have propelled Curve forward despite challenges.

Here’s my conversation with Curve’s Shachar Bialick. Listen to the podcast  

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