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Opinion Makers

Holly O’Neill
President of Retail Banking at Bank of America

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James Green
Head of Digital Accessibility at Chase

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Lisa Mantil
Global Head of Goldman Sachs ETF Accelerator

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Tearsheet Talks: Lending x Credit x Data

September 2023

Tearsheet Talks will explore the convergence between lending, credit, and data. It's at this intersection that borrowers get more personalized offers and experiences while lenders get better conversions without taking on more risk -- better, deeper, and broader data underpins this whole ecosystem. Join us virtually in September 2023 where senior-level execs from the industry will delve deeper into the future of lending and explore new opportunities for growth and innovation in the field.

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Just released

December 01, 2023

‘The Chief Data and Analytics Office is a team sport’: Vanguard’s Ryan Swann

In today's episode, we dive deep into the world of data-driven decision-making with Ryan Swann, the...

November 21, 2023

‘If you can get Gen Z right, it’s going to build your bank for the future’: Citizens Bank’s Vice Chair, Brendan Coughlin

On today's episode, we have Brendan Coughlin, Vice Chair and Head of Consumer Banking at Citizens...

November 13, 2023

The Gen Z Effect: Sustainability, technology, and the future of finance

This episode of the podcast explores how Gen Z’s penchant for bringing social issues to the...

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