Final Round: MX Money Experience Bracket Challenge 2020

  • Congratulations Capital One for winning the MX Money Experience Bracket Challenge!
  • Congratulations James Anderson, Executive Vice President - Commercial Products at Mastercard for Winning the Final Round's iPad Pro! Congratulations Mary Ellen Georgas-Tellefsen, CXO/ SVP Digital Strategy & Innovation at OceanFirst Bank for winning the Final Round Apple AirPods!

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Final Round: MX Money Experience Bracket Challenge 2020

The MX Money Experience Bracket Challenge 2020 has helped our readers take a break from the difficulties we're all facing and focus on something wholesome and fun. They are helping their banks and credit unions and helping themselves stay connected to their colleagues, employees and customers -- to bring some light and love into the world during this period of uncertainty.

The response was overwhelming: hundreds of entries and emails from employees and institutions thanking us for this initiative.

We're down to the Final Round!
Ask your customers, employees, and partners to vote for your financial institution to see who comes out on top.

  • What financial institutions are leading the digital transformation?
  • Who offers the best customer experience?
  • Who is developing the best tools and services for customers?

Choose your favorite between CapitalOne and USAA, enter your contact information below to compete to win. See full contest rules at the bottom of the page.

Don't see your bank on this list? Email us at [email protected].

The MX Money Experience Bracket Challenge is sponsored by Banking Transformation Week, powered by MX. Click here to view the recorded sessions of this amazingly timely and informative online event for free.

The Finals: Choose the most innovative bank

See below for the full bracket of each region.


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How it works


Enter to win 1 of 6 Apple Airpods and an Apple iPad Pro

  • Enter your favorite bank in each of the 4 regions below
  • Submit your name and email address to vote for your choice of regional winner
  • We will give away 6 Apple Airpods, one for each round
  • Each time you vote, enter your email and pick banks or credit unions that make it to the next round we’ll put you in the Apple Airpod raffle
  • Pick the final winning bank and we’ll enter you for a drawing for an Apple iPad Pro at the end of the competition!
  • The more votes your favorite bank gets the better your chances of winning, so tell your friends and colleagues to vote to help spread awareness for each bank


Win an interview on the award-winning Tearsheet Podcast, an article in the Tearsheet Website and an Enterprise Subscription to Outlier, Tearsheet’s Exclusive Membership

  • Spread the word among your employees and customers to vote for your bank or credit union throughout the competition
  • The bank or credit union with the most votes move to the next round
  • The top four semi-finalist banks or credit unions will each receive:
    • An interview on the Tearsheet Podcast
    • A free individual subscription to Outlier, Tearsheet’s Exclusive Membership Club ($600 value)
    • A free attendance ticket to the next Tearsheet event
  • The winning bank or credit union will additionally receive:
    • An interview on the Tearsheet Podcast
    • An article on the Tearsheet Website
    • Distribution to all newsletter subscribers
    • An enterprise subscription to Outlier, Tearsheet’s Exclusive Membership Club ($6,000 value)
    • Automatic enrollment into Tearsheet’s new Outlier OpinionMaker Program (priceless)

Schedule of Rounds

Round 1: March 18-24
Round 2: March 25-31
Round 3: April 1-8
Round 4: April 9-11
Semi-Finals: April 12-17
Finals: April 18-23
Winner Announcement: Friday, April 24th

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