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‘Transformation isn’t just about the glass window in front of you’: Temenos’ Alexa Guenoun on accelerating bank digital roadmaps

  • Temenos has spent about $1 billion acquiring technology companies in the U.S.
  • The firm's president of the Americas talks to Tearsheet about her plans to grow the region for digital banking software.

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‘Transformation isn’t just about the glass window in front of you’: Temenos’ Alexa Guenoun on accelerating bank digital roadmaps

There’s been a lot of talk about Varo, the first US challenger bank to receive a national charter. The bank has rebuilt its technology off its partner bank and is transitioning its customers over to its new technology stack.

To do that, it turned to Temenos, the banking software provider. Alexa Guenoun is the firm’s President of the Americas and Global Head of Partners. She joins us on the podcast to discuss Temenos’ investment in the Americas. The company has 1300 banks and financial institutions in the region as clients, representing a billion dollar market for the firm, accounting for 25% of global revenues. We talk about digital transformation and how the pandemic has impacted banking roadmaps. We explore the concept of an incumbent creating a bank on the side as a real step forward to replacing the core and moving ahead in the digital era.

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The following excerpts were edited for clarity.

Americas in a global organization

Temenos is a global organization. We have about 3000 banks across 150 countries using our solution. And the Americas region is about a quarter of our business, with the US accounting for basically all of it. In the US, we have over 1300 customers, banks and credit unions. They vary in size, from very small banks to challenger banks to new banks to larger organizations across our portfolio.



We combine the richest banking functionalities that we offer for our solutions with the most advanced technology. And when we say most advanced, for us, it has to be cloud, and it has to be AI driven. This is really what we do. And and our passion, which really is so fitting with the times we’re in, is to drive and accelerate the digital transformation of things from the entire stack perspective and not to just look at the glass window in front of you. It’s really how you transform the entire organization, bank or credit unions into the digital era that we are in.

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