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The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: All session videos

  • Tearsheet's Big Bank Theory Conference brings together the most innovative players changing the face of the financial institution.
  • Here are the videos from this year's conference, held in December online.

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The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: All session videos

The Big Bank Theory Conference is Tearsheet’s end-of-the-year celebration and exploration of the changing face of the financial institution.

Bringing the industry’s top decision and opinion makers to one virtual space, TBBT is where the leading banks, credit unions, challenger banks, and payment firms come to wrap up 2022 and get inspired and educated towards 2023.

If you missed it, we've got you covered.

Here are all the session videos from The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022, held earlier this month.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Roman Eisenberg, Head of Technology, Chase

In a conversation facilitated by Tearsheet Editor-In-Chief, Zack Miller, Roman Eisenberg, Head of Digital Technology at Chase discusses how Chase reimagined software development practices and architecture for Chase mobile and web applications used by over 60 million customers.

To truly enable innovation at scale and to continue to successfully compete with both simple and complex financial apps, Chase changed the way they build and deliver software. The bank's goal is to deliver new products and solutions at speed, without compromising on quality for the ultimate good of its customers. The transformation enabled the delivery of features in a controlled autonomy by providing clear engineering practices, frameworks, tooling, and quality tollgates. Eisenberg offers examples of innovative solutions created through cross-team collaboration and discusses the incremental steps taken to get there.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Shruti Patel, Director of Partnerships, Shopify

Seamless fintech tools embedded in non-financial journeys are revolutionizing how we interact with the financial industry. As we welcome new challengers and disruptors in the financial services industry, what should financial and non-financial institutions alike know about partnering together to power embedded finance? Learn more about what embedded finance is, why it matters, and how partnerships can power the next generation of embedded finance.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Trish Mosconi, Chief Strategy Officer, Synchrony

In this fireside chat, Trish Mosconi, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Synchrony, will join Zack Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Tearsheet, to discuss the shift from competition to partnership between incumbents and fintechs, how to pick fintech partners for the best business and cultural outcomes, and Synchrony’s successful partnerships for continued innovation.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Dave Donovan, Financial Services Practice Lead, North America, Publicis Sapient

How do you assess a mortgage applicant with three gig economy jobs, an attention span of eight seconds, and a crypto wallet? Serving Gen Z banking customers in a way they relate to is going to be a game-changer for bank leaders, and creating strategy within the context of a regulation-heavy industry, with many legacy procedures, will be a tightrope walk for some.

What’s so different about Gen Z, and what does this likely mean for banks? Learn more through this engaging conversation between Publicis Sapient's, Financial Services Practice Lead, North America, Dave Donovan, and Zack Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Tearsheet, and the launch of Steez: The Gen Z Readiness Index.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Eric J. Schuppenhauer, Head of Consumer Lending and National Banking, Citizens Financial Group

Eric Schuppenhauer, EVP and President of Consumer Lending at Citizens joins Iulia Ciutina from Tearsheet to discuss how Citizens is maximizing customer efficiencies in 2023--particularly those impacting the bank's efforts across home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), student lending and Citizens Pay, all growing segments among younger generations.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Zack Miller, Ismail Umar, and Iulia Ciutina, Tearsheet

Join our team of editors in a conversation about finance and fintech: looking back at what happened in 2022, and what to expect in the coming year.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Hari Gopalkrishnan, Head of Retail, Preferred, Small Business & Wealth Management Technology, Bank of America

Bank of America’s ongoing investment in and commitment to best-in-class financial technology, along with a culture of innovation, allows us to deliver an integrated and individualized client experience, and digital solutions that are timely, relevant and secure. 60,000 technologists drive that ability with their ambitious curiosity and an appetite for improvement and purpose-driven client-focused innovation.

Watch this fireside-chat between, BofA's Head of Retail, Preferred, Small Business & Wealth Management Technology, Hari Gopalkrishnan and Zack Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Tearsheet, to learn more.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Nick Nadgauda, Global Head of Technology, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

The world is changing rapidly with e-commerce volumes skyrocketing, rapidly evolving client needs, increased competition, and fast-paced and disruptive innovation. These changes present both opportunities and challenges for corporations – and to the banks that serve them.

As a large institution serving the largest corporate and FI clients in over 90 countries, the challenge at Citi is to both respond rapidly to changing needs while managing and upgrading a legacy infrastructure and operating model. In the session, we will discuss how Citi’s TTS (Treasury and Trade Solutions) business is redefining its Technology delivery model to provide unique solutions built on simplicity of services, elasticity of technology, and breadth of network.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Anthony Peculic, Head of Cards Services, Cross River

Join this chat between Cross River's Head of Card's Services, Anthony Peculic, and Tearsheet's Senior Report, Subboh Jaffery to learn more about the following themes -

  • Setting up and maintaining successful brand-supplier relationships in fintech
  • The importance of integrated compliance in BaaS offerings
  • How embedded finance can bring financial services to traditionally underserved users/communities

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Vishal Kapoor, VP of Product, Affirm

Affirm’s VP of Product, Vishal Kapoor, discusses the benefits of buy now pay later for consumers and merchants, including why BNPL has increased in popularity over the last few years, how the current macroeconomic climate and inflation impact consumer spending, and the future of BNPL and Affirm.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Mike Butler, CEO, Grasshopper

The focus of this chat is on small businesses and the digital revolution. In this session, CEO of Grasshopper Bank, Mike Butler, covers how small businesses are evolving digitally and what that means for banks, what kind of digital banking products SMBs are looking for, how digital banks/neobanks can win small business customers, and more.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Sunil Sachdev, Head of Fintech and Growth, Fiserv & Billy Roberts, CEO, Wedge Financial

Consumers now have a growing list of cards, accounts, assets and apps they use to make payments, which adds complexity to payment decisions. Programmable payment technology makes it easy for people to present the same card in every scenario and yet automatically route payments to the best option available to fund the transaction.

Sunil Sachdev, head of Fintech & Growth at Fiserv, and Billy Roberts, CEO, Wedge Financial, discusses how this modern payment innovation is bringing new value, convenience, and choice to consumer payment decisions.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Danielle Cohen-Shohet, CEO & Founder, GlossGenius

Fintech continues to innovate antiquated industries such as banking, real estate, financial planning and more, but one segment that has traditionally been left behind are SMBs. Overlooked by generic big-box solutions or more personalized, but manually intensive processes, SMBs have notoriously been slow adopters to technology. But thanks to vertical software solutions, that's now changing.

Join GlossGenius founder and CEO Danielle Cohen-Shohet as she discusses fintech's role to impact SMBs and how GlossGenius created an embedded payments solution now powering tens of thousands of independently owned beauty and wellness businesses across the US, giving them the same prowess in the market as significantly larger entities.

The Big Bank Theory Conference 2022: Renaud Laplanche, Co-Founder and CEO, Upgrade Inc. & Niranjan Ramaswamy, GM of Embedded Fintech, Fiserv

Upgrade's CEO and Co-Founder Renaud Laplanche, and Fiserv's Vice President, Embedded Finance, Sunil Sachdev discuss how to get the most out of partnerships with Zack Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Tearsheet.

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