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Marketing Briefing: The case of product-first and the SEO burst

  • In this week’s briefing, we cover what’s new in marketing for banks – big, small, and digital alike.
  • Plus, we’re digging into SEO in the fintech world through some interesting numbers.

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Marketing Briefing: The case of product-first and the SEO burst

Chief marketing officer of Kasasa on current financial marketing trends

Kasasa is a financial service provider that sells marketing products and technology to small banks and credit unions. For this week’s briefing, I sat down with Keith Brannan, CMO of the company, to talk about some of the biggest marketing trends and challenges he’s currently seeing in the industry among big incumbents, fintechs, community banks, and credit unions alike.

A product-first mentality is what’s becoming most productive

“I think one of the things that comes to mind is a product-first consumer shopping behavior mentality. 

If you think about how you shop today, you probably rarely go look for the brand of something or the company that’s going to offer it. You probably would not go to Kroger’s website, let’s say, unless you’re actually doing the shopping there. 

And so people have become very product-first in their shopping behavior. And that’s a very big shift for a lot of banks, credit unions, and financial services overall – even mutual funds and insurance. It’s very different from this big brand approach that most financial services firms have had in the past – and a very different approach for smaller institutions who relied on a local brand presence to maintain their market viability and really drive their growth.

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