23 Jul 2021


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Bluevine’s recipe for Small Business Banking: Unlocking financial efficiency for SMBs with Chief Product Officer, Herman Man

  • In this conversation, Herman Man, Chief Product Officer of Bluevine, discusses the company's evolution from a lending platform to a comprehensive financial services provider for small businesses.
  • Man shares Bluevine's product philosophy, highlighting their focus on simplicity, time-saving features, and the strategic decisions behind building a holistic banking platform.
Zachary Miller | July 17, 2024
Partner, Payments

Consumers want digital receipts and subscription management. What does this mean for issuers and merchants and banks?

  • FIs and merchants need to work on improving post-purchase interactions to build consumer loyalty and save on costs like chargebacks.
  • Digital receipts and subscription management are tools merchants and banks can offer their customers to help them stay on top of their finances and also save on operational costs.
Rabab Ahsan | July 17, 2024

Announcing the agenda for The Big Bank Theory, SMB edition

  • We’ve closed our agenda for Tearsheet’s upcoming flagship event, The Big Bank Theory Conference 2024 -- an event exclusively focused on SMB banking, payments, and lending this year.
  • Speakers from Mastercard, Citizens Bank, TD Bank,and Truist will make the day more insightful and exciting alongside our three working groups. Expect a deep dive on what it takes to bank SMBs. 
Tearsheet Editors | July 16, 2024
SMB Finance, The People Starting Things

The magic behind serial entrepreneurship: How Suneera Madhani is translating the learnings from her first fintech to the second

  • Building a fintech isn't a task for the faint of heart, especially given the current climate. But case studies like Suneera Madhani show that it not only gets easier every time you set out to build a fintech from the ground up, it also allows you to work on the ecosystem rather than just a narrow problem set.
  • Madhani's story is an instructive example of how aspiring entrepreneurs can find the right muse, how they should build their networks and what levers they should pull to build successful business models.
Rabab Ahsan | July 16, 2024
Future of Investing, The Quarterly Review

The Quarterly Review: The future of portfolio management and AI assistants ft. Public’s Leif Abraham

  • Leif Abraham, co-CEO and co-founder of Public dives into how the firm is planning on adapting to changing investor sentiments and behaviors.
  • Currently Abraham is busy integrating the firm's AI assistant into their investment flow and building new products that better cater to modern portfolios.
Rabab Ahsan | July 15, 2024
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