Tradestreaming Cascade: the news you need to know (week ending 9/11/2011)


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Tradestreaming Live: Mark your calendars, bro!

2 great live events for Tradestreaming subscribers this week

  1. From Novice to Master Trader (with Adrienne Toghraie): Learn more and register
  2. Improve the performance of your retirement assets (Ian Ayres): Learn more and register

Both events are shaping up to be as information packed as a blind date with Lady Gaga.  Oh, and they’re free.  Please join us.

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What smart investors should know about technology, investing tools and markets

Doughmain, gamified financial ed for kids, raises big bucks (TechCrunch)
Financial startups are seeing a lot of interest from investors. Doughmain provides parents with a dashboard to provide incentives for chores and games to help children learn about real-world finance.  Why didn’t I have that as a kid??

Financial talk radio network gets $20M investment (WSJ)
ThinkorSwim’s Tom Sosnoff looks like he’s doing it again — this time with a radio network called TastyTrade.  Part financial education, part trading ideas and part financial superstore, investors certainly think it looks tasty.  Also helps to bet on a winning horse.

Improve your investor intuition with Jason Apollo Voss (Tradestreaming)
I chatted with the previous portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation and Income fund that absolutely spanked the market.  In his book, The Intuitive Investor, Voss explores how he did it and recommends using both sides of your brain.  I’m working on it.

Will virtual money eventually replace cash (Technology Review)
Whether bitcoin is here to stay or not, the whole exercise has been really interesting for anyone watching (or participating).  The interesting takeaway has been the speculation of the currency.  Turns out, instead of viewing the virutal currency as a method of transaction, people view it as an investment.

4 roadblocks probably account why investors don’t use checklists (Jonathan Smith)
Investors, like patients, are too busy to listen to advice they be better off taking. “Egotism, Busyness, Distraction, and Emotions that have hindered the use of checklists in aviation and medicine probably account for 99% of the reasons why both professional and individual investors dismiss using meaningful checklists for gauging financial success.”

Finglish may help sell investments but investors don’t understand (Investment News)
Recent studies show that most investors don’t really understand jargon.  Slick sales tactics in the past involved baffling prospects with B.S.  Will that work in the future?  Dunno, but this piece (see video link at bottom) looks at the facts.

Paying off Harvard debt by peddicabbing (No More Harvard Debt)
Really interesting journal that shows a Harvard grad working his tuches off to pay off $90k in student loans. What if he hadn’t gone to college and just used this ingenuity and the cash for his own biz?  Peter Thiel should talk to this guy.

Tradestreaming Cascade is sent to subscribers to Tradestreaming on a weekly basis. Sign up on the side or below to receive weekly emails about the news you need to know about investing, social media and technology.

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