Brex has a special offer for Tearsheet readers

  • Brex cards have awards tailored for startups, like rideshare and software.
  • Brex is offering Tearsheet readers a $750 signup bonus.

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Brex has a special offer for Tearsheet readers

Brex, the leading card issuer for fintech startups and ecommerce companies, wants to bring Tearsheet readers and their businesses some needed short-term financing options during these uncertain times.

Brex is offering Tearsheet readers some of its most generous benefits around:

  • a $750 signup bonus
  • rewards for startups (like 7x on rideshare, 2x on recurring software)
  • no personal guarantee
  • card fees waived for life
  • instant virtual card access

Once approved, you can use your virtual card right away. Physical cards arrive in 3-5 business days.

As a partner, Tearsheet gets paid if you sign up with Brex.

If you’re interested, apply here (as a startup) or here (as an e-commerce business).

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