Why PayPal’s new features didn’t match the anticipated hype

  • PayPal's recent series of product upgrades is a response to new CEO Chriss feeling the pressure to deliver positive outcomes in the first quarter of his leadership.
  • However, his promise to ‘shock the world’ received a lukewarm response, generating less excitement than anticipated and evoking a range of reactions.

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Why PayPal’s new features didn’t match the anticipated hype

In the run-up to the scheduled release of the final quarter results for 2023, PayPal has unveiled upgrades to its services including AI-driven personalizations and checkout experiences for both merchants and consumers.

“The biggest surprise that I didn’t realize before coming in [to this job] is probably around the data. I think we’re just scratching the surface of the opportunity there,” said newly appointed PayPal CEO, Alex Chriss while answering questions following the third-quarter financial results in November – his first earnings season and analyst encounter after stepping up to the highest position.

Chriss emphasized the scope of data across PayPal’s two-sided network, as he believes it provides a competitive edge and allows the firm to do things differently. Personalized branded checkout is another strong area to leverage and drive conversion for merchants, according to him. He also reiterated the importance of SMBs at the time and how it will be a priority for PayPal moving ahead.

Fast forward to this year, setting his words into motion, Chriss has taken tangible steps toward materializing the plans he unveiled during the last earnings conference in November. However, the future trajectory of the firm resulting from these changes remains enveloped in uncertainty.

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