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Payments Briefing: ‘We penetrated the blue ocean opportunity of the Spanish-speaking market’ – NovoPayment’s Anabel Perez

  • This week, we take a look at Miami-based BaaS provider, NovoPayment.
  • We also discuss Bumped, a firm that rewards customers with equity in the brands they shop from.

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Payments Briefing: ‘We penetrated the blue ocean opportunity of the Spanish-speaking market’ – NovoPayment’s Anabel Perez

Banking as a service provider NovoPayment, which has been around since 2007, recently raised its first venture round in 15 years to scale its platform across the US, as well as internationally.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, NovoPayment is an API-based platform that provides digital banking, payment and card solutions to banks, fintechs, merchants, and other service providers.

Since its launch back in 2007, NovoPayment has expanded to 14 markets across the Americas, includingthe US, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile, among others.

2021 was an important year for the firm, as it saw a 40% increase in client growth, including collaborations with major financial players such as Visa and Mastercard.

The firm’s co-founder and CEO, Anabel Perez, is a Venezuelan-born entrepreneur. Trained as a banker but a “techie at heart”, Anabel has more than 25 years of experience in banking and payments.

I spoke with Anabel to get some insight into why she created NovoPayment, the significance of Miami as a new fintech hub, and her plans for the firm’s future.

Can you share the story behind NovoPayment? How and why did you create it?

In all my years as a banking executive, it became abundantly clear to me that the future of financial services and payments was digital. This vision and its global implications led me to co-found NovoPayment around 15 years ago along with Oscar Garcia Mendoza, who now serves as chairman of our board.

Since the beginning, we’ve understood that fintech enablers are essential partners to financial and payment providers, reducing their technology gaps and accelerating the development of new fintech products. Connecting essential dots through tech enablement is how we’ve built and expanded NovoPayment across multiple markets.

What’s the significance of having NovoPayment’s headquarters in Miami? Why are Silicon Valley players moving there? And how does being based in the region help NovoPayment stand out from its competitors?


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