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List of top B2B fintech firms

  • Beyond sexy consumer firms, B2B fintech firms are growing big businesses.
  • Tearsheet has compiled a list of the top B2B fintech firms.

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List of top B2B fintech firms
B2B fintech companies may not be as sexy as those that touch the end customer, but they play a key role in the future of financial services. With so many lists on the internet, it may be hard to believe that there isn't a great list that includes the top B2B fintech firms. So, Tearsheet filled the void. We focused primarily on firms that service the U.S. market. For the sake of this article, we defined 'B2B fintech' along two lines. First, a B2B company sells to other businesses, not consumers. Secondly, B2B fintech firms provide a core part of the technology stack in financial services. So, an online bank that provides business banking is in, while a digital signature company that sells a lot to banks and lenders wouldn't make the cut. It's a work in progress -- we plan to add more firms to the list. The list is in no particular order.

List of the top B2B fintech companies


There are two types of B2B fintech firms that make this list under the lending heading. The first type lends money to or through other businesses. The other type is a lending platform that other institutions use to run their own lending programs.

Banking as a service

Firms that provide banking as a service enable other apps to offer banking-like services, like debit cards or current accounts. Banking is changing from a somewhere you go to something you do.

Conversational interfaces

Conversational interfaces are cropping up everywhere -- in smart speakers like Amazon's Echo device to customers service on bank websites. There are fintech firms that specialize in providing chat AI to financial services.

Data services

As the financial ecosystem becomes more interconnected, data services firms play a key infrastructure role through an aggregation and analysis layer.

Money transfer

Many first generation fintech firms tackled the challenge of moving money around the world quickly and cheaply. Some of these firms have also morphed into B2B firms as they collaborate with financial institutions to power their money movement.


Payments is a very broad B2B category. Listings can include credit card payments to P2P money transfers.


Some insurtech firms are going directly to the customer, doing away with the old distribution network of brokers. Others sell to businesses or empower existing brokers with new insurance products and services.

Digital business banking

These companies provide digital banking services to businesses.

Wealth management

A lot of financial planning and investing process has been digitized, even at the largest of client-facing investment advisors and brokers.

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