Hauling legacy systems to the new age: strategies that work for big banks

  • Digital transformation is daunting, but leading FIs are implementing strategies to push the needle.
  • Introducing a culture of independence and experimentation may become a necessity to keep up with agile development in financial services.

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Hauling legacy systems to the new age: strategies that work for big banks


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Zack Miller’s wake-up call to SMB banking realities on the Gusto Podcast

  • It's not often that Tearsheet editor Zack Miller finds himself on the other side of the mic.
  • Zack was a guest on Gusto's SMB Tech Innovator Podcast this week speaking about the challenges and opportunities to bank SMBs.
Tearsheet Editors | February 23, 2024
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Finding the sweet spot between fulfilling SMB needs and growing bank deposits

  • Despite various challenges, small businesses are finding ways to keep moving forward.
  • This presents an opportunity for FIs to target the growing SMB sector, particularly amid expected Fed rate cuts and competition from non-banks with enticing APY offers.
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One app to rule them all? New survey finds banking apps are more than just a home for transactions

  • Until recently, it seemed that consumers were more than happy with unbundled financial products, creating their own versions of a “personal finance tech stack”.
  • But that trend is changing as customers turn to their banks for personal finance management. But this rebundling has its pros and cons when it comes to the consumer.
Rabab Ahsan | February 15, 2024
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Letter from the editor: Navigating the world of Earned Wage Access

  • Earned Wage Access' popularity means it's becoming table stakes for many consumers as they select financial providers.
  • We take a deep look at what's been happening in the earned wage space, EWA trends, EWA benefits, and more.
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Banking briefing: Partners in peril

  • BaaS is in trouble. Regulatory storm clouds are gathering and it seems partner banks are about to find it a lot harder to dive into (and maintain) BaaS relationships than they did before. 
  • It seems like BaaS players like banks, middleware companies, and fintechs had time to bloom and are now experiencing a regulation-induced contraction.
Rabab Ahsan | February 06, 2024
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