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4 charts on obstacles getting in the way of banks’ digital transformation efforts

  • With consumers’ relationships with their banks constantly changing, banks need to have a solid digital transformation plan to keep up with these shifts.
  • Banks are putting in the hours, but obstacles still abound.

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4 charts on obstacles getting in the way of banks’ digital transformation efforts


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Big ideas help engage employees and keep the turnover numbers from getting bigger

  • There are roughly 3 million more jobs than available people, a trend that started to come to a head after the pandemic. “We have a structural labor shortage out there,” said Jay Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 2022.
  • One solution to this systemic problem is “Movement Thinking,” an approach championed by the transformation firm StrawberryFrog.
Rabab Ahsan | February 13, 2024
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Four charts: Why consumers rely on banks rather than retailers for post-purchase issues

  • Most customers like to go through their banks rather than knock on the retailer’s door, with 87.6% customers claiming they prefer their banks to cancel their subscriptions.
  • Due to the role bank's play in customers lives, an unspoken relationship transfer takes place post-purchase, where its the bank that starts to own the customer rather than the retailer.
Rabab Ahsan | January 24, 2024
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The fintech funding downturn is a correction, not a retreat

  • Coming down from the highs of 2021, VC fintech funding slowed for four consecutive quarters.
  • Nevertheless, CB Insights lead fintech analyst Anisha Kothapa insists that VCs are not retreating from the industry.
Lindi Miti | February 24, 2023
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Most consumers can’t live without their mobile banking app, study shows

  • Banking apps are becoming central to how consumers manage their money.
  • About 87% of consumers are using their banking app at least once a month, which is 2% more than last year.
Rabab Ahsan | February 06, 2023
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4 charts on the year of the ‘crypto credit crisis’

  • The collapse of multiple centralized exchanges has plunged the crypto industry into what CoinDesk calls a 'crypto credit crisis', with circumstances still unfolding today.
  • For a broad perspective on the market, we discuss the macro returns, Bitcoin and Ethereum's performance, and the state of capital raised for crypto funding over the past year.
Lindi Miti | January 30, 2023
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