8 August 2016


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‘You have to take a lot of shots on net’: How Wave empowered entrepreneurs to survive and thrive during the crisis

  • Wave's accounting software powers many entrepreneurs' financial and accounting activities.
  • Co-founder and CEO Kirk Simpson describes how small businesses have found ways to survive, and even thrive, during the current crisis.
Tearsheet Editors | April 23, 2021
4 charts

Four charts on crypto M&A and funding

  • It's a bull market in cryptocurrency right now.
  • Money is pouring into crypto as strategic acquisitions are increasing in frequency.
Rivka Abramson | April 23, 2021

More fintech firms are offering crypto rewards on debit and credit cards

  • A growing number of fintechs are providing bitcoin rewards on debit or credit card purchases.
  • Unifimoney is the first to offer credit card rewards in three different asset classes.
Ismail Umar | April 22, 2021
New banks

With banks no longer a go-to for consumers, personalized products may be a must

  • The increased use of digital solutions among consumers has sparked a greater demand for more personalized banking products.
  • 62% of consumers said they’re not happy with their banks’ level of product personalization.
Rivka Abramson | April 21, 2021
Future of Investing

Behind Betterment’s partnership with Zenefits to give SMBs access to retirement planning

  • Betterment’s technology led 401(k) provider teamed up with HR software company Zenefits.
  • Zenefits SMB customers will gain access to Betterment’s retirement planning and financial wellness offerings.
Rimal Farrukh | April 21, 2021
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