27 Jan 2021


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Daily Tearsheet: Connecting capital to sustainable projects, crypto scams, and GFANZ on net zero portfolio alignment

Sara Khairi | August 19, 2022
The Green Finance Podcast

The Green Finance Podcast Ep. 7: Connecting capital to sustainable projects with Trenton Allen, CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors

  • Climate change awareness is growing, and it’s starting to bring more capital along with it. But the ecosystem is still new, and many connections are yet to be made.
  • Today we are chatting with Trenton Allen, CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors, a DC-based financial advisory firm serving the sustainable infrastructure industry.
Iulia Ciutina | August 19, 2022
Green Finance, Member Exclusive

Green Finance Briefing: GFANZ moves a step ahead on net zero portfolio alignment

  • GFANZ issued a report to provide guidance, clear definitions and case studies for financial institutions looking to develop and use portfolio alignment metrics to start decarbonizing their portfolios.
  • We deep dive into what climate metrics financial practitioners use today, as well as the key sectors to watch when it comes to Scope 3 emissions.
Iulia Ciutina | August 19, 2022
Data Snacks, Member Exclusive

Data Snack: Crypto is evolving – and so are crypto scams

  • Crypto crime is a real problem that cost consumers millions of dollars in cryptocurrency last year.
  • From rug pulls to wash trading, the industry can be a quagmire for the uninitiated. But businesses like RugDoc may be able to offer some much-needed help.
Rabab Ahsan | August 19, 2022

Daily Tearsheet: The changing dynamics of the insurance industry, and how will ‘The Merge’ impact the crypto industry?

Sara Khairi | August 18, 2022
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