11 Sep 2019


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10-Q, Member Exclusive

Have gig workers given up on retirement savings? It’s wiser not to, says Robinhood

  • Robinhood is expanding and showing a readiness to explore untapped areas within the industry. The newest step in driving these efforts forward is the rollout of the Robinhood Retirement For Independent Workers plan.
  • Robinhood's strong Q4 earnings result likely bolstered the investment platform's confidence to further pursue its 'expansion through a diversification' narrative.
Sara Khairi | March 04, 2024

Say goodbye to Google Pay

  • Google is shuttering its Google Pay app in the U.S. announcing that its users will have until June 4th, 2024 to move their funds. 
  • While Google hasn't given any explanation as to why its discontinuing Google Pay, we try to unpack the announcement to arrive at a few reasons why this may have happened.
Rabab Ahsan | March 04, 2024

Behind the creation of Current’s new credit builder card

  • As neobank Current continues to roll out products for everyday Americans, the firm recently introduced a credit builder product.
  • CEO Stuart Sopp and CTO Trevor Marshall join us on the podcast to talk about the evolution of the company and its products.
Zachary Miller | March 01, 2024

How credit unions can improve consumer loan repayment performance

  • Increasing delinquency rates offer a glimpse into the declining financial well-being of consumers throughout 2023 and raise red flags about future upticks in charge-offs.
  • How can lenders, particularly credit unions, support consumers in managing debt and averting delinquencies and loan defaults in the future?
Sara Khairi | February 29, 2024

IP theft in the accessibility world: Deque Systems files a lawsuit against BrowserStack

  • Accessibility software used by U.S. Bank and PNC, Deque Systems has recently filed a lawsuit against BrowserStack, a web and mobile testing technology provider.
  • The company claims that the IP theft is negatively impacting its ability to continue the work it has been doing to empower and give back to the differently abled community.
Rabab Ahsan | February 29, 2024
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