1 Jul 2022


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Daily Tearsheet: How Amex uses Kabbage to help SMBs with cash flow, and why regulators are cracking down on bank-fintech partnerships

Sara Khairi | September 27, 2022
Member Exclusive

Why are regulators cracking down on bank-fintech partnerships?

  • A higher level of regulatory scrutiny is on the way for fintechs and the bank partners on which they rely.
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny could result in a safer and more resilient market to the benefit of consumers, says Brian Graham, partner at Klaros Group.
Lindi Miti | September 27, 2022

Behind Amex’s use of Kabbage as ‘the heartbeat’ of its strategy to help SMBs with cash flow

  • Two years after American Express bought small business lender Kabbage, the products are integrated and growing.
  • Tearsheet sat down with Kabbage's head of marketing to get insight on where the growth is coming from and where the company is headed.
Zachary Miller | September 27, 2022

Daily Tearsheet: Unpacking the CFPB report on BNPL, and Slack and Salesforce launch industry-specific digital solutions – what’s in it for FIs?

Sara Khairi | September 26, 2022

Weekly 10-Q: Robinhood posts August 2022 operating metrics – disappointing or somewhat hopeful?

  • Robinhood compares its key operating statistics of August to prior trading months.
  • And, Goldman Sachs' weighty gender bias lawsuit is set for a June 2023 trial.
Sara Khairi | September 26, 2022
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