The state of bill pay with Solutions by Text’s Nick Babinsky

  • Consumers struggle with one-time payments, frequently forgetting to pay their bills on time.
  • Banks, billers, and payers can find success when simple texts are used as reminders and onboarding to payment flows.

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The state of bill pay with Solutions by Text’s Nick Babinsky

Within the last year, Americans paid approximately 16.8 billion bills, spending roughly $5.6 trillion. While the way in which consumers pay their bills has changed significantly over the last decade, new research identifies an industry in the midst of a shift towards a more consumer-centric approach that will bring programmable, communicative and tokenized ways of making bill payments.

On this Tearsheet Live, I’m joined by Nick Babinksy, Chief Product Officer at Solutions by Text.

We’re going to be talking about the state of bill pay, digital payment trends, and growing demand for text.

The big ideas

  1. Shift Towards Text-Based Interactions: The trend is moving towards simplicity and convenience in bill payments, leveraging text-based interactions for ease and engagement.”Text-based interactions offer simplicity and convenience in an era of overwhelming digital experiences.”
  2. Challenges in Bill Payments: Consumers predominantly make one-time payments, leading to implications in consumer support and reminder strategies for providers.”The majority of consumers are still paying bills on a one-time basis, posing challenges for providers in supporting these manual transactions.”
  3. The Power of Text for Payments: Text messaging, being a ubiquitous and normalized experience, presents an opportunity for seamless and simplified bill payments.”Thinking about the bill pay experience over text enamored me; it’s the most simplistic form of transacting with billers.”
  4. Balancing Simplicity with Compliance: Tailoring messages for consumers while adhering to regulatory compliance forms the crux of an engaging yet controlled messaging approach.”The balance lies in being engaging while ensuring compliance in messaging, enabling faster conversions and higher engagement.”
  5. Consumer Engagement and Advice: Consultative approaches towards consumer engagement, educating and guiding them for better financial practices, foster brand loyalty.”Consulting consumers on managing their money or paying bills leads to more brand loyalty and engagement.”
  6. Text Adoption Across Generations: While younger demographics easily adopt text for payments, the trend is extending to older generations seeking simplicity in interactions.”Text adoption spans generations; it’s less intimidating than logging into websites, making it a winning strategy for engagement.”
  7. Text Channel Development: Text messaging as a channel is evolving, with advancements in opt-in regulations and efforts to maintain a less noisy, more direct consumer interaction.”Text channels are evolving with opt-in regulations, aiming for direct, less noisy consumer interactions.”

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