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Visa accelerates innovation of global money movement with new Visa Direct Preferred Partner program

  • Visa Direct solution providers can now access the right business tools, technical training, sales, and go-to-market resources to help build successful global money movement solutions.
  • With over 25 global partners enrolled in the program to date, the program has plans to expand to three additional countries in the coming months.

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Visa accelerates innovation of global money movement with new Visa Direct Preferred Partner program

Innovation has made it possible to move money in near real time, but traditional processes and silos still stand in the way of businesses being able to simplify and enhance how they pay and get paid, both domestically and across borders. 

That’s why Visa launched the Visa Direct Preferred Partner program, a global program designed to help partners of Visa’s real-time money movement network accelerate time to market (actual fund availability varies by receiving financial institution, receiving account type, region, and whether transaction is domestic or cross-border).

Through the program, Visa Direct Preferred Partners gain access to the tools and resources they need to help launch, sell, and grow their own real-time payment solutions. 

The program is currently live in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, with Central Europe, the Middle East, and Africa expected to follow in the coming months. It supports 25+ partners to date, including, Commerce Payments, Carat from Fiserv, Moneris Solutions, TabaPay and YellowPepper, among others. 

By joining the program, Visa Direct Preferred Partners around the world can take advantage of the following benefits: 

  1. Business Enablement Support. Help identify new payment flow use cases, create successful commercialization plans and deploy innovative solutions.
  2. Visa Direct Product Training. For Visa partners’ client facing teams to deepen their product knowledge and build confidence in driving more sales.
  3. Sales and Marketing Best Practices. Gain access to the latest Visa Direct sales collateral, best practices, marketing assets, industry research, and co-branded marketing opportunities.
  4. Solutions Support. Access to Visa Direct technical and solution experts to help guide you through your growth and journey.
  5. Partner Community. Join the Preferred Partner community to gain access to Visa Direct thought leadership, webinars, case studies, whitepapers, and business insights all created to help partners meet their business goals.

The global launch of the Visa Direct Preferred Partner program is yet another testament to Visa’s deep understanding that both the future of payments and the growth of the Visa network is determined by the success of our enablement partners. We are excited to continue investing in our partners so that, together, we can help drive continued innovation in the payments ecosystem and grow the market for push payments and money movement globally. 

For more information on the Visa Direct Preferred Partner program, head over to Visa Direct Preferred Partner Program Overview.

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