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Credit cards are the next table stakes for embedded finance platforms

  • From debit to current accounts, embedded finance platforms continue to roll out new products.
  • Credit cards are the latest product -- so expect to see more fintechs and brands issue them in the near future.

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Credit cards are the next table stakes for embedded finance platforms

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Both upstart embedded finance platforms and existing players continue to add to their capabilities. Credit cards as a service are the next competitive table steaks. Offerings from Deserve and Railsbank will be joined by competitive products.

And as new players find their footing, there’s the beginning of a move to differentiate. Platform X is for startups, Platform Y for big brands, and Platform Z a marketplace. 

Our top stories

As a payroll provider, Ceridian moves $300 billion in wages yearly. While other fintechs tap into employment data, Ceridian is launching its own financial services for the millions of employees it serves. Its first product is Dayforce Wallet, which gives people access to their wages before payday.

White paper on how cloud enables firms to launch a challenger bank in 100 days

New embedded finance platform Synctera is ramping up its capabilities. Through a partnership with Mastercard and Marqeta, Synctera has added card capabilities to its platform.

By partnering with fintechs, traditional FIs can offer modern digital solutions and expand into new markets. But partnerships and integrations are tough — Q2‘s Banking as a Service platform can shorten cycle times dramatically with a marketplace model. Here’s how.

What does SoFi’s latest quarterly earnings tell us about Galileo? (for Outlier members)

The changing nature of work opens up new opportunities for financial services to provide value. Download the whitepaper.

Modern card issuer Marqeta is working towards plastic neutrality. It’s now offering cards made of recycled plastic and has formed a partnership to offset its plastic footprint.

How to operate your embedded finance program at scale

In the era of digital transformation, the payment space is evolving on cloud technology. For FIs, partnering with Payment as a Service providers can be a game changer.

Intuit recently launched a creatively-designed card reader for SMBs. It’s all part of embedded finance ecosystem building aimed at helping small businesses with all their financial needs.


Facebook’s Invoice Fast Track program plans to buy $100 million worth of unpaid invoices

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Facebook’s Invoice Fast Track Program factors invoices for small businesses, getting them the money they’re owed faster than a typical pay cycle.

  • Facebook first piloted the program in 2020, in the wake of the pandemic’s effects on small businesses.
  • Now the social media company is expanding the program, with thegoal of buying $100 million worth of unpaid invoices from around 30,000 small businesses.

Businesses that can benefit from the program must either be owned by women and minorities, or be members of select supplier organizations that serve underrepresented groups.

SMB financing is proving itself to be a promising revenue stream to explore. Facebook seems to be among the tech giants taking steps to get in on the action.

Read the full story on CNBC 

Interesting examples of embedded finance

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