Weekly 10-Q: Robinhood posts August 2022 operating metrics – disappointing or somewhat hopeful?

  • Robinhood compares its key operating statistics of August to prior trading months.
  • And, Goldman Sachs' weighty gender bias lawsuit is set for a June 2023 trial.

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Weekly 10-Q: Robinhood posts August 2022 operating metrics – disappointing or somewhat hopeful?


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10-Q, Member Exclusive

A closer look at JPM’s Chase Media Solutions

  • JPMorgan Chase has introduced its newest endeavor, a retail media network named Chase Media Solutions. 
  • Breaking away from its traditional banking methods, Chase has embraced a rather unexpected and contemporary approach by stepping into a market already under the sway of major retailers.
Sara Khairi | April 08, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

Who stands to benefit [or suffer] from the Visa and Mastercard settlement?

  • While the Visa-Mastercard settlement news is still fresh and unfolding, understanding the degree to which different players —  merchants, banks, or consumers — truly benefit or stand at a disadvantage in the value chain will necessitate clarity once the dust settles.
  • Currently, it remains an intricate conundrum to unravel.
Sara Khairi | April 01, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

How improving credit risk assessment can catalyze FIs’ growth: 3 questions with Visa’s Carl Rutstein

  • Financial institutions grapple with obstacles in navigating the technology and route for credit risk assessment and management.
  • Carl Rutstein, Visa's Global Head of Advisory Services, sheds light on the impact of data and AI on credit risk assessment and discusses the challenges faced by FIs in going down this route.
Sara Khairi | March 25, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

What’s driving Goldman’s $300 billion private credit goal in 5 years?

  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management is strategizing an expansion of its private credit portfolio, with aspirations to increase it to $300 billion within the next five years.
  • Leveraging its investment bank to originate deals, Goldman has established a leading position in the private credit market, a sector it entered nearly three decades ago.
Sara Khairi | March 18, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

What Bank of America is doing differently to drive a shift toward digital banking

  • More Americans are opting for digital banking, a trend evident among major banks' financial results in Q4 2023, signaling a growing preference for digital solutions.
  • Bank of America's Jorge Camargo provides insights into the influence of digital adoption on brick-and-mortar branches, strategies to counter digital fraud, and the factors fueling Erica's popularity as a digital banking assistant.
Sara Khairi | March 11, 2024
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