Weekly 10-Q: Is BNPL picking up steam while consumers struggle with credit card payments?

  • Wall Street, Regions Financial, and MoneyLion have been slapped with heavy fines by U.S. regulators.
  • BofA, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo have taken part in the Federal Reserve Board's pilot program on climate change commencing early 2023.

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Weekly 10-Q: Is BNPL picking up steam while consumers struggle with credit card payments?


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10-Q, Member Exclusive

The strategies behind MoneyLion’s march to profitability

  • MoneyLion's strategy capitalizes on the margin differentials between first-party and third-party products, achieving a 90% product margin through cross-selling initiatives.
  • The firm is pursuing continuous enhancements and investments in its business operations, particularly in expanding the depth of the overall marketplace experience going forward.
Sara Khairi | May 20, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

How Affirm is reinventing its approach, and where the firm sees potential for more growth

  • We delve into some of the recent behind-the-scenes strategies that the firm has likely been and continues to be mindful of, contributing to its successful quarter.
  • The Affirm card, addressing technological hurdles and upgrades, along with a focus on inclusive hiring practices, appears to be hitting all the right notes for Affirm's progression.
Sara Khairi | May 13, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

What’s going on at Block?

  • Block is under the legal microscope, adding to a series of investigations the firm has faced in recent years.
  • Considering these circumstances, the question emerges: How Dorsey can adeptly navigate a host of challenges while simultaneously propelling business growth.
Sara Khairi | May 06, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

Exploring Payoneer’s approach to reaching SMBs in emerging markets

  • John Caplan, CEO of Payoneer, delves into the hurdles of cross-border payments for SMBs, the dynamics between new and established money transfer firms, and Payoneer's strategy for penetrating emerging markets.
  • One year into his role as CEO of Payoneer, John is focused on scaling the cross-border payments platform to expand into emerging markets.
Sara Khairi | April 29, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

Big Banks Q1 earnings: ‘Higher for longer’ rates create a questionable future

  • Net Interest Income took a downturn for some of the incumbent banks, impacting their financial performance in the first quarter of 2024.
  • While some of the big banks experienced growth in non-interest income this quarter, too, the impact of decreased Net Interest Income on revenues can ratchet up the focus to reduce costs and maintain earnings.
Sara Khairi | April 22, 2024
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