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JPMorgan is on board with Gen AI, but it’s calling the shots on its own terms

  • JPMorgan Chase is the poster child of taking a measured approach when venturing into unchartered territories.
  • While the bank supports the integration of Gen AI in banking operations, it prioritizes a disciplined strategy for tangible results.

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JPMorgan is on board with Gen AI, but it’s calling the shots on its own terms

Unlike his stance on bitcoin, Jamie Dimon actively champions the use of AI in banking.


Generative AI (Gen AI) stood out as one of the prominent trends in the previous year, extending its influence across various financial institutions. The trend is expected to segue in 2024 driven by the emergence of novel use cases. 

“In 2024 we expect Gen AI to gradually integrate into the operations and products of financial institutions and merchants globally,” Ken Moore, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Foundry at Mastercard, told Tearsheet recently. “As challenges like data privacy, information accuracy, and bias are addressed, we anticipate that the range of use cases will expand to include more ambitious and public-facing deployments, like AI-driven financial advisors, conversational bankers, or travel co-pilots.”

While many FIs have integrated advanced AI solutions into their stacks to automate operations, the technology is still untapped at a deeper, internal level by many. This cautious approach stems from concerns about risks to data privacy and fears around the erosion of consumer trust. This is especially evident in the context of the largest US bank by assets, JPMorgan Chase, which is the poster child of taking a measured approach when venturing into unchartered territories.

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10-Q, Member Exclusive

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