7 July 2017


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Download: Tearsheet’s 2021 Data Guide

  • Finacial data is the underpinning of the modern financial experience.
  • Tearsheet's 2021 Guide to Data explores trends and opportunities in financial data.
Tearsheet Editors | June 17, 2021

‘We’re building castles on top of stilts leaning on boats in the sea’: Argyle’s Audrius Zujus

  • Building secure fintech solutions is no easy feat -- you can't afford to move fast and break things.
  • Argyle's founder and CTO explores the challenges and opportunities in scaling a firm focused on financial data from employers.
Argyle | June 17, 2021

Tribevest makes it easy, fast and social to form a business and invest with friends and family

  • Tribevest CEO Travis Smith decided on a fishing trip with his brothers that they wanted to invest together.
  • Using software like Tribevest enables friends and families to create multi-member LLCs, organization documents, and bank together.
Zachary Miller | June 17, 2021
Data Snacks, Member Exclusive

Data snack: A breakdown of North American e-commerce payments projections

  • Digital payments, mobile wallets, and BNPL services grew in 2020 and will continue to grow by 2024.
  • Bank transfers, charge cards and COD expected to decline further by 2024.
Shehzil Zahid | June 16, 2021
Day in the Life

‘I live according to my calendar’: A day in the life of Benjamin Conant, CTO of MANTL

  • As chief technology officer of MANTL, Benjamin Conant is in charge of leading, envisioning, and communicating all things tech.
  • From measuring the perfect cup of coffee, to outrunning meetings, here’s a day in Conant’s life.
Rivka Abramson | June 16, 2021
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