16 Nov 2020


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Getting customers to act, Modern Marketing

Ears are the gateway to a consumer’s heart: 5 brands that are hitting all the right notes in sonic branding

  • Some of the biggest brands in the industry like Amex and PayPal are using sound to connect with their audiences.
  • We explore the different directions brands have taken with their sonic identities and how they add more fuel to their sonic brand launches by working on adjacent marketing strategies that give the launch more shelf life.
Rabab Ahsan | July 23, 2024
Artificial Intelligence, Keeping the bad guys out

AI in Action: How financial institutions are enhancing compliance with intelligent automation

  • AI is impacting financial compliance, offering fresh tools for efficiency, accuracy, and fraud detection.
  • Discover practical strategies for integrating AI into compliance workflows, from accelerating customer due diligence to enhancing suspicious activity reporting.
Zachary Miller | July 23, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

JPM’s solid Q2 performance is followed by modifications to its card transaction policy

  • JPM's second-quarter earnings report from the Friday before last was followed by new changes to its card payment policy last week.
  • This strategy may be driven by the bank’s expectation of upcoming credit losses, aiming to reduce defaults by guiding customers toward its own financial products.
Sara Khairi | July 22, 2024

Chase’s new cash flow-focused solutions for SMBs with Jameson Troutman

  • Chase recently released two new solutions for SMBs, both intended to improve cash flow for small businesses.
  • We spoke with Jameson Troutman, Head of Product at Chase for Business about these solutions designed to help small businesses thrive.
Zachary Miller | July 19, 2024
The Journey of Leadership

What different choices would fintech CEOs make in their leadership strategies if they could turn back time?

  • Part of the CEO journey also involves reflecting on leadership decisions, both past and present, to recognize areas for improvement. This reflection is not about dwelling on past actions but about identifying better ways to navigate challenges with the knowledge gained over time and using that insight to guide future decisions.
  • The second chapter of 'The Journey to Leadership' series explores the 'what ifs' in the decisions these six fintech CEOs would have reconsidered if they could start over.
Sara Khairi | July 18, 2024
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