1 Dec 2020


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Daily Tearsheet: Balance’s Bar Geron on modernizing B2B payments, open banking in the US, and Argyle on powering complex banking decisions

  • Companies like Balance are working hard on creating consumer like experiences in B2B payments.
  • Also, employment data is finding increasingly more interesting use cases.
Sara Khairi | June 30, 2022
Payments, Podcasts, What's Happening in Payments Podcast

Power of Payments Ep. 9: Balance’s Bar Geron on why B2B payments are “stuck in the stone age”

  • Bar Geron, co-founder and CEO of Israeli firm Balance, joins host Ismail Umar on this week’s podcast.
  • He talks about the importance of bringing B2B payments online, BNPL for business, as well as other B2C trends that are slowly being adopted in B2B transactions.
Ismail Umar | June 30, 2022

Argyle’s powering complex banking decisions with employment data

  • Argyle is working on getting workers more control over their employment data — who it is shared with, what it is used for.
  • Today lenders have access to a much wider range of data points, helping them make faster and more accurate decisions.
Subboh Jaffery | June 30, 2022

72% of consumers would switch their bank if it didn’t support their preferred fintech app

  • Open banking is becoming a hit across the globe. But in the US adoption has been slow.
  • Things are changing though. In this year’s DataDay Conference, Crystal Anderson, VP of product at MX, talks about where US FIs are at in embracing open banking.
Rivka Abramson | June 30, 2022

Daily Tearsheet: Visa’s Parslow on modernizing B2B payments, how Akoya is using APIs to scrape away screen scraping, and introducing the T-POP Conference

  • Tearsheet is launching its The Power of Payments Conference -- T-POP -- this September.
  • Also, Visa is trying to solve for SMB payments.
Sara Khairi | June 29, 2022
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