Tradestreaming Cascade: The News You Need To Know (Week Of October 8, 2011)


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Investment Products

Evaluating Vanguard’s new LifeStrategy Funds (Oblivious Investor)
Posted October 5, 2011

Taking a slightly different tack with their pre-packaged retirement funds, Mike Piper seems to like the lower pricing and inclusion of international in the index firm’s fixed allocation funds.

Social Media, Technology and Investing

How to aggregate news like a pro (SmartBlog on Media)
Posted September 30, 2011

I wish I were Matt Drudge.  But I’m not.  This article provides concrete advice for those publisher looking to provide value by aggregating content — something Tradestreaming friend Meb Faber requested in his call for curated research offerings.

The Power of Facebook and the Launch of Personal Capital (AdvisorGo)
Posted Oct 5, 2011

Weekly AdvisorGo podcast (I’m a co-host) looks into how Facebook changes affect advisors using Facebook and the recent launch of a startup with big plans for online delivery of financial services.

Using stock screeners to identify value stocks (Tradestreaming)
Posted October 4, 2011

I interview Lenny Grover, founder of Screener.co, really a cutting edge investment tool for individual investors.  Lenny also shares his investment strategies in a presentation available for download.  Plus, he’s made a 60 day trial available for Tradestreaming readers.  Ping me for details.

Investment Strategies and Research

The negative correlation between obesity and indebtedness (Felix Salmon)
Posted October 2, 2011

Reuters’ blogger calls bullshit on a recent Michael Lewis piece in Vanity Fair making a connection between being fat and being in the financial doghouse.

Cantor Fitzgerald entering ETF business (ETF Trends)
Posted October 1, 2011

Feverishly rebuilding post 9-11, the firm known for bond trading is getting into the ETF arbitrage business.

The Financial Advisory Business

The toughest part of being a financial advisor (Andrew Hallam)
Posted October 2, 2011

Author of Millionaire Teacher shares the dilemma financial advisors/brokers face when deciding on which financial products/strategies to implement for clients.  Check out Tradestreaming in the near future — I’ll be publishing an interview with Andrew.

In defense of the asset-based fee model (Registered Rep)
Posted September 27, 2011

Fair and open discussion about the brokerage model and its alternatives.  None are perfect — it’s important to be honest both ways.

5 opportunities for advisors in 2012 (research) (Hearts and Wallets)
Posted October 5, 2011

Based on recent research, the blog looks at 5 things investors can do to bring in new business and service existing clients in the year to come.

New public lists includes $1 million + donors (Investment News)
Posted October 5, 2011

Database at milliondollarlist.org includes more than 60,000 gifts made since 2000.

Poll Results: What’s your greatest need as a financial advisor(LinkedIn)
Posted October 7, 2011

WiredAdvisor’s Steph Sammons polled financial advisors to see what their most immediate needs are.  Choices were fresh leads, marketing support, investment strategy/research, practice management tips.

Investor Behavior

Few investors understand ETFs, survey says (Investor Uprising)
Posted September 27, 2011

This review of a recent Schwab study puts the ETF opportunity in perspective.  Dollars are flowing and investors are buying — IN SPITE of the fact that they admittedly have little idea what they are doing.

What shareholder value is really about (HBR)
Posted October 3, 2011

Legg Mason’s big idea guy, Michael Mauboussin takes aim at current in-vogue governance practices.  Instead, he cautions CEOs to focus on the tough trade-offs in resource allocations needed to create value.

Computers vs. The News: Who’s behind the recent market chop (Freakonomics)
Posted September 26, 2011

The site looks a rather superficial but interesting look at whether High Frequency Trading (HFT) is behind all the chaos.

Blodget returns to Wall Street (Felix Salmon)
Posted October 5, 2011

While Blodget is referenced, the story is more about the BusinessInsider’s strong growth, quickly gaining investor eyeballs.

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