Tradestreaming Cascade: The News You Need To Know (Week Of October 23, 2011)


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Investment Products

Online banking keeps customers on hook for fees (NYT)
October 16, 2011

Big banks are struggling and their taking it out on their customers.  How long will the currently banked continue to put up with this?  BankSimple +1.

Social Media, Technology and Investing

The optimal software free trial strategy (SSRN)
Posted October 4, 2011

Lots of new investment startups and newsletters employ a free trial strategy to increase paid conversions.  Do you go full features for X days or limited features forever?  Here’s the optimal strategy.

The fear index based on social media sentiment looks bullish (MarketPsych)

Research firm MarketPsych has been profiled on Tradestreaming (go here).  Looking at a variety of investor sentiment from thousands of sources, MarketPsych thinks the current market looks bullish.

New app is awesome showcase of stock market data and visualizations (Xignite)
Posted October 14, 2011

StockTouch is a new iOS app that uses a market heat map-type display of breaking stock market movements.  New visualizations like StockTouch promise investors a new way to look at market data/info to aid decision making.

Investment Strategies and Research

Can you piggyback activist investors? (WSJ)
Posted October 22, 2011

Tradestreaming gets a shout out in this Wall Street Journal article that looks at how investors can piggyback/clone/replicate (whatever you want to call it) on activist investors’ stock picks.  What works, what doesn’t work and how best to do it.

Why institutional investors should allocate more to strategy ETFs (MSCI)
Posted October 15, 2011

HT to AlphaClone for this find.  MSCI (no dogs in this race, eh?) finds that since systematic risk premia like value, size, or momentum account for a big percentage of gains, institutions should allocate more to strategy ETFs if they go index.

Why and how to use stop losses (Barry Ritholtz)
Posted October 15, 2011

Barry republishes an oldie but goodie instructional piece on using stop losses.  Worth reading/saving/printing/instapapering or whatever else you do for your investment library.

The Financial Advisory Business

How to land an internship in the hedge fund industry (Tradestreaming)
Posted October 17, 2011

In this interview, I speak with a Harvard JD/MBA about his recent experiences landing an internship with a hedge fund.  He shares all with tips and advice about how to go about getting your first job in asset management.

Education is the new marketing (Social Media Explorer)
Posted October 19, 2011

Financial advisors looking to set themselves apart in a rapidly commoditized industry can look to (investor) education as a real strategy.  This article explains why.

Investor Behavior

Generation Unlucky: from boom to gloom (Financial Post)
Posted October 15, 2011

Millenials have been hit especially hard by the Great Recession. PhDs are having a hard time finding and holding good jobs. Many are losing hope.  It’s tough sailing out there.

Shareholders and the ADD society (IR Cafe)
Posted October 18, 2011

Dick Johnson laments the short-termism so rampant in today’s investing world.  IR pros struggle to service their clients.  Links to Sorkin’s NYT article about the topic.

Investors keep running to real estate (Financial Post)
Posted October 15, 2011

Well, Canadian real estate continues to outperform.  Real estate investors in condos have seen a 140% since 1998.  Will it continue?

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