Fintech’s top 15 stories of 2015


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Fintech’s top 15 stories of 2015

By many accounts, fintech had a massive year in 2015.

According to Pitchbook, it looks like 2015 will close with close to $8 billion worth of venture capital invested in financial technology startups. To put that into perspective, there was $4.7 billion worth of fintech investments in 2014. With the recent announcement that Global Payments would acquire competitor, Heartland Payments, it looks like there will be close to $10 billion of M&A done in 2015, as well. New York was the top destination for investment capital, with 93 local companies landing investments throughout the year.

Here’s a slidedeck we put together of the 15 most impactful stories in fintech throughout 2015. To dive deeper, please read our column published on Forbes today.


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