Innovative Assessments


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Innovative Assessments

IA applies the science of psychometrics to predictive consumer analytics to provide fairer and more accurate credit decisions

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Path to growth

Jenius Bank reached $1 billion in deposits before its first anniversary. Here’s how the sidecar brand did it.

  • Jenius Bank reached $1 billion in deposits before its first year anniversary.
  • We spoke with President John Rosenfeld to unpack the strategies and actions SMBC MANUBANK's sidecar digital brand took to reach this milestone.
Zachary Miller | June 18, 2024
10-Q, Member Exclusive

Challenger or collaborator: Affirm’s BNPL is on its way to joining Apple Pay

  • The collaboration between Affirm and Apple is different, particularly because Apple also provides its own direct-to-consumer BNPL service.
  • he Affirm-Apple partnership offers positive outcomes for both firms given Apple Pay Later does not directly challenge Affirm's BNPL offering.
Sara Khairi | June 17, 2024
Future of Investing, Keys to growth

How data platform Ascent leverages CUSO and corporate VC investors to expand into credit unions

  • Data company Ascent worked with two investors in the CUSO and credit union space to go to market targeting credit unions.
  • We spoke to the firm's CEO as well as with investors from the Reseda Group and TruStage Ventures about how they built a collaborative ecosystem to help portfolio companies.
Zachary Miller | June 14, 2024
The Journey of Leadership

What lessons have fintech CEOs learned while mastering the art of leadership?

  • While induction sessions are common for other roles within a company, how does one go about learning the ins and outs of being a fintech CEO?
  • This story is the first part of the series 'The Journey to Leadership' spotlighting six fintech CEOs -- both seasoned and young -- and their individual journeys.
Sara Khairi | June 13, 2024

The data-driven playbook for growing a small business loan book with Enova’s Cory Kampfer

  • Cory has been immersed in the small business lending space since 2011 when he joined OnDeck.
  • In this episode, Cory provides his unique perspective on the key financial needs and challenges facing small businesses today based on data insights from Enova's $18 billion in originated loans.
Zachary Miller | June 12, 2024
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