Protect your assets — with Rocco Beatrice Jr.

Knowing what to invest in is only half the problem.


How your assets are structured, protected, and planned for can be just as crucial to long term investing as choosing the right stock.

Today’s guest on Tradestreaming Radio is Rocco Beatrice Jr., director at EstateStreet Partners, and author of a surprisingly enjoyable ebook, Being Sued? The Insider Secrets of Asset Protection.

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Zack on Abnormal Returns TV

Tadas at Abnormal Returns had me on last week for a conversation about all the crazy things I do. From my book, Tradestreaming, to the ebook I published to help financial people get books published, to my free download on how to grow a financial services business like Ken Fisher did. We talked a lot about the state of the art in investing and industry trends.

He’s really got game.  You can watch the interview below. Of if you don’t see it, click here.

Where to buy Tradestreaming

I’m grateful for your attention, and happy that we have opportunities to communicate in various places on the web. If you’re interested in having a souvenir of all these interactions, boy have I got the gift for you!

Where to buy Tradestreaming

800 CEO Read (recommended for bulk purchases)


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Wiley (the publisher)

Buying this book supports my last year’s efforts to better understand the trends in online finance, investing and social media.  I believe the product — this book — makes those who use it better.

I think this book will be more than “interesting,” but instead, that it will be useful to you. I’ve worked hard to make that something I can promise.

Video Review: Trefis is a great site to model up technology companies. There are some great tools — some analytical, some social, that allow investors to play around with growth/profitability assumptions to forecast a stock price.

…and Tradestreaming the book is a go, Houston

I’m proud to announce the official sales launch of my book, Tradestream your Way to Profits: How to Build a Killer Portfolio in the Age of Social Media.

It’s been a *long haul* and I received a lot of great help/support from many of the investment industry’s top thinkers.  Thanks to everyone who’s listened to my ideas, helped me vet them, contributed their own perspectives and helped propel this work forward (you know who you are :-))

I think this is just the beginning of an exploration of the new modes of investment research empowered by the Internet in general and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in particular.  There is a ton of great stuff going on at startups in Silicon Valley, New York, Europe and Israel.

I plan to continue to analyze tradestreaming strategies and the new technology platforms enabling this all to happen.

Bonus Material

To accompany the launch of the book, I’ve compiled an ebook entitled “Tradestreaming and the Future of Investing”.  It’s a compendium of opinions from many of the online investing industry’s thought leaders from a variety of different disciplines.  It’s a really interesting view about where we are and where we’re headed in financial communications, research, and investing.

Hedge fund analysts, financial advisors and brokers, investment advisors, investment relations professionals, Internet entrepreneurs, and all investors will find something useful and thought-provoking.

You can download it here (.pdf).

What to do next

I’ve got a lot more interesting stuff to share: weekly tips, updates, special offers, etc.  Make sure you sign up for my free mailing list here.

Part 2: What is Tradestreaming

This is part two of a series that takes a birds-eye view into the concepts I develop in my book, Tradestreaming.  Readers should also subscribe to my newsletter to stay on top of all news, posts and share in some of the ideas I’ll be developing.  Subscribe here.

A Sucker’s Game

Tradestreaming is a new way to invest, made possible by Facebook and Twitter. Today’s Internet provides a level of transparency that’s never been experienced by investors. Fully taking advantage of social media from an investment perspective requires an understanding of what’s behind this change. Tradestream Your Way to Profits provides a methodology, a new way to look at investing, by using the Internet and social media to better research and mimic successful investing strategies. In this sense, the book occupies the meaty space somewhere in between a classic how-to investment book and a typical business book.

Tradestreaming = Better Way

I write a lot about the financial content and investment research industries and how the Internet is changing the rules of the game. But this analysis is done with an eye on providing actual investment strategies that best leverage this transformation. Investors themselves can decide how to proceed given the theories I develop. While investors will learn proven techniques that have been shown to make money, there are no specific formulas associated with tradestreaming. Rather, investors should finish this book smarter and more knowledgeable about what really works for profitable investors and how to use the Internet to tap into it. Tradestreaming is about identifying successful investors, strategies, and powerful computer programs and following their every move.

For investors, imitation really is the most profitable form of flattery.

Trying to beat the market may be enjoyable, but it’s a sucker’s game and not one that I want to play anymore. Social media has made it possible to easily re-create battlefield-proven investment strategies of all sorts. This book describes the strategies, how they work, and how investors can begin using them to become better investors. Investing is an ongoing learning process. Reading this book should be the start of that process, not the end.

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