Top Investment Resources for Sentiment Analysis

The holy grail for investors — and one being frantically searched for by technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors — is to find a way to program machines to decipher social media (or more accurately, unstructured text) and structure a trading system around it.

Sentiment analysis (the ability to pull out what people are feeling by the words they’re using online) is one of the next big things in investing. Here are a few of the resources investors may want to consider when learning about sentiment analysis and portfolio management.

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Another way to trade the (AP) news

RavenPack provides analytical tools for financial firms to help make sense of the news.  One of my 5 companies investment professionals should know, this firm is quickly rolling out different product offerings.  Already providing something similar for Dow Jones’ content library, RavenPack announced a partnership today with the Associated Press.

According to the news:

AP and RavenPack will develop a series of products, the first of which is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2011. The products will process AP content with sentiment analysis techniques to produce metrics than can be consumed by quantitative models and trading programs. As a result, computers reading signals from the news can create trading transactions or alert traders to specific events.

There seems to be continued focus and activity around finding technology solutions to quantify news flow.  RavenPack primarily uses sentiment analysis.  Recorded Future provides a temporal analytics engine in an attempt to handicap future events based on chatter while SENSENews approaches this problem by scouring the web to semantically filter fundamental information.


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