We are all Greece

I have this recurring nightmare.

Actually, I’ve got a lot of frequent bad dreams but this one’s particularly chilling. Things were O.K. at work.  I was growing my responsibilities, my authority. I was getting promoted quickly. I was making money. So, like a financial optimist, I bet on the future and started borrowing.

It started small and harmless — I took a large mortgage on a house — but then, I started borrowing more money to finance a rich lifestyle.

Soon, it was like ballooning like Bono’s ego.  I had to borrow just to pay off my old loans.

It took so much financial engineering, I didn’t even have time to work  – I was so busy.

But then, out of the blue, people didn’t want to keep lending to me.

I was coming up short, compounded by the fact my work slacked and earnings were dropping as a result.

Crap, I was stuck.

I had been Greece-d.

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