List of the top CEOs in the Payments industry

list of the best ceos in the payments industry

With incumbents and startups alike fighting tooth and nail over control of our transactions, the payments industry is undergoing massive change. From digital wallets to payments getting embedded in our mobile operating systems, there is a lot of disruption underway in the payments industry.

Entrepreneurs in payments have come from all over — some young CEOs have cut their teeth working for incumbent payment providers and credit card companies. Others have found their path to disruption from the outside, providing different perspectives to their payments offerings.

Here’s a list of some of the top CEOs in the payments industry that we’ve compiled here at Tradestreaming. Feel free to upvote your favorites and to nominate those who maybe weren’t included in the first go.

Top CEOs of Online Finance

I try to do my best, covering the online finance scene. In top financial startups, we named some of the best, most interesting and compelling, the best websites for investors.

Now, I’d like to turn my sites to an ongoing experiment in crowdsourcing — who do you think is the best CEO of online finance firms?

I’ve started the conversation, naming a few of the top CEOs of startups tacking the investment space.

Who do you think should rank highest on this list? Who would you add/subtract from the list?

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