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What it does: Seeking Alpha’s roots are in investment opinion, aggregating analysis from investing blogs. The site has added its own short-form news stream, as well as stock and market data, making it a full-blown investing portal.

While many bloggers contribute their content to SA freely, the company does offer them payment via its premium program (details here).

Particular strengths: Check out Seeking Alpha’s ETF content, some of the best online. Seeking Alpha’s alerts system is also really valuable — you can get real-time emails with breaking opinion on stocks in your portfolio or watchlist. Also, if you’re looking for good ideas, check out SA’s long and short ideas.

How popular is it: On a monthly basis, Seeking Alpha reaches 5.3 million global users, serving up 75M pageviews. (Source)

The Company

Management: Seeking Alpha was founded by David Jackson, a former Morgan Stanley equity analyst.

Company size: Seeking Alpha has 11-50 employees (Source)

Outside investors: Benchmark Capital, DAG, and Accel Partners ($7 million) have invested in Seeking Alpha.

Best resources:’s killer covered call screener (transcript)

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Today’s guest is Mike Scanlin, the founder of It’s an online call option research platform. Mike left a sweet job as a VC to pursue two different ideals. One is this sort of entrepreneurial idea. He wanted to prove to everybody in his life that he could branch out and do it on his own. The second was really to create “the resource” for covered calls online. There are a few other sites out there that do that. He’s totally hyper focused on making it the best, most usable, most functional place out there to really research covered calls. Covered call strategies are used for a variety of reasons. He’ll talk about why investors use these things.

I was interested in understanding how he formed the company, some of the techniques he used to build awareness and traffic to his site, so where he was going with Born To Sell. It’s a great site. He’s got a lot of free content there. It’s a subscription model as well. I’ll put some links up to it on the website.

He’s a treasure trove of information, both about technology and marketing, as well as obviously covered call strategies. He actually learned the strategy from his father, who was a stock broker, who used it to generate income on retirement portfolios. It’s really functional. I even said in the conversation that it felt like using one of the best tools I use in my practice, which is MailChimp. It’s a mail services provider. It has the same type of functionality and ease of use that some of the best online tools have. That’s not by chance. That’s something definitely programmed and designed in there. Continue reading “Best resources:’s killer covered call screener (transcript)”

Best resources:’s killer covered call screener (podcast)

founder of

On Tradestreaming Radio, we’re interviewing lots of innovative entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers all trying to make investors better at what they do. Check out our archives. Subscribe on iTunes.

Investors are always on the lookout for tools and technologies that make their lives easier.’s covered call screener replaces all those clunky spreadsheets investors used to use to track their positions. Good for producing income in retirement or just eking a few percentage points out of a portfolio, covered calls are a very common part of investing for many investors.

And founder, Mike Scanlin believes using covered call strategies will become more common as his company expands the market with easy-to-use and functional tools with quick and useful idea generation.

Founder of BTS, Scanlin is a technologist turned VC turned entrepreneur and he shares with us that transition and many of the tools and techniques he used to start, build and grow his young firm. Continue reading “Best resources:’s killer covered call screener (podcast)”