Scaling with Purpose: The Brex blueprint for growth with Karan Anand

  • Throughout the craziness of the last two years, Brex built an entire software business on top of its corporate card business for startups.
  • Newly appointed President, Karan Anand joins us on the podcast to discuss how he helped evolve the startup to service enterprise customers and his audacious plans for 2024.

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Scaling with Purpose: The Brex blueprint for growth with Karan Anand

In today’s conversation, I chat with Karan Anand, President at Brex. Brex has undergone a remarkable transformation over the last two years, evolving from a fintech startup with a corporate card for startups to a global fintech and enterprise SaaS company in corporate spend. Recently appointed to the new role of president, Karan gives us a window into this journey, shedding light on the challenges and successes that come with building both a fintech and SaaS business concurrently – it was like the firm had two entirely separate companies while they were building out the corporate spend side of the business. We delve into topics ranging from the cultural hurdles faced during this shift, the intricacies of scaling, and the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in the payments and software space. Whether you’re deeply embedded in the fintech and SaaS world or simply curious about the evolution of innovative companies, this conversation with Karan is packed with valuable insights. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the conversation and explore the dynamic landscape of financial technology and enterprise software with Karan Anand, President at Brex. Listen to the full episode

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The following excerpts were edited for clarity.

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