Inside Cash App’s approach to banking its base: A conversation with Ryan Budd

  • As Cash App matures, it's working to build an embedded finance offering that provides a 360 offering of financial services on top of p2p payments.
  • Join us for an in-depth conversation with a leading Cash App executive as he shares insights on navigating leadership challenges, driving innovation, and empowering teams.

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Inside Cash App’s approach to banking its base: A conversation with Ryan Budd

On today’s episode, we’re going behind the scenes at one of the most successful money apps out there – Cash App. Our special guest is Ryan Budd, the head of financial products at Cash App, and he’s giving us an inside look at Cash App’s evolution into a financial powerhouse.

Cash App started as a simple way to send money to friends, but as Ryan explains, it has become so much more. We’re talking full-service banking, investing, crypto trading, tax services – the works! Ryan opens up about Cash App’s bold vision to be a “one-stop shop” for all your money needs.

But how has this ambitious fintech company maintained its startup hustle and breakneck innovation pace even as it has exploded to over 57 million monthly users? Ryan pulls back the curtain on Cash App’s unique team structure filled with “mini CEOs” laser-focused on different product verticals.

He also shares insights into Cash App’s drive to bank the underbanked and economically empower communities that have been overlooked by traditional finance. From automated money management to increasing access to credit, Cash App wants to be the #1 choice for how people take control of their financial lives.

Ryan maps out their goal to create the “next gen community bank” by intelligently merging banking, commerce, and that powerful network effect. It’s a candid conversation that you won’t want to miss!

The big ideas

Cash App as a Comprehensive Financial Platform

    • Ryan highlights Cash App’s evolution from a money transfer service to a comprehensive financial platform: “Everyone knows Cash App has this place to send money to their friends and their families. But a lot of them don’t really realise that we’ve become so much more than that.”

Focus on Banking the Base

    • Cash App aims to deepen its user engagement by becoming the primary banking service for its users: “When we think about banking the base, it’s how do we get more customers to actually use us as their primary banking utility?”

Automation and Financial Health

    • The platform’s automation features aim to simplify financial management for users: “You can deposit your paycheck and then we rolled out this auto allocation feature a few months back automatically set a percentage of it to savings, automatically set a percent to investing into Bitcoin.”

Incentives to Retain User Funds

    • Cash App provides significant incentives for users to keep their money within the app, such as high savings yields and overdraft features: “If you deposit your paycheck to Cash App, you get 4.5% savings yield, you get this incredible overdraft feature that allows you to go negative without any interest or fees or anything of the sort.”

Synergy Between Cash App and Square

    • Integrating Cash App with Square’s merchant services enhances user experience and creates a seamless ecosystem: “I’m sure you’ve probably seen at Square point of sale systems, there’s oftentimes a little Cash App barcode that’s there that you can scan and use Cash App Pay.”

Innovative Team Structure and Culture

    • Cash App’s success is driven by a lean, autonomous team structure that empowers employees to innovate: “Every single person knows that they’re supposed to own that vertical and they look at name X competitor in that space, and they say we’re going to beat them… And they’re really incentivized and empowered to kind of really think outside the box and push things.”

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The following excerpts were edited for clarity.


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