How Amex reached card parity in the US with Raymond Joabar

  • American Express has worked hard on expanding its network over the past few years.
  • Raymond Joabar, Group President, Global Merchant and Network Services, joins us on the podcast to tell us how that investment has paid off.

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How Amex reached card parity in the US with Raymond Joabar

When I was a kid, my father had a successful friend who prided himself on carrying an Amex card. But frequently, when we went out to a sporting event or a restaurant, he’d have to fumble around for another card because the establishment didn’t accept Amex.

That’s changing. Amex has reached parity in the US with other cards. That’s thanks to the work of Raymond Joabar’s team. Raymond is the Group President, Global Merchant and Network Services at American Express, and manages direct and indirect channels for expanding the card network’s acceptance. We talk about the channels Amex is using to expand its footprint and the fintech partners helping it get there. We also talk about the work Amex is doing within transportation, B2B, and crypto.

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