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Embedded Conference 2020: All the session videos

  • Embedded Finance is one of the most transformative trends impacting today's financial services.
  • Tearsheet's Embedded Conference, held in November 2020, explored the future of finance.

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Embedded Conference 2020: All the session videos

In November 2020, Tearsheet hosted its second annual Embedded Conference. Two days exclusively devoted to the platformification of finance, the Embedded Conference explored one of the most exciting trends in finance today -- the expansion of financial services into industries like transportation, on-demand delivery, travel, retail.

Tearsheet’s Suman Bhattacharyya summarized the major themes from the conference as platforms, banks, and technology companies all juggle various challenges and opportunities specific to their own businesses.

The full session videos are available to Tearsheet’s Outlier members. Our partner and sponsor of the event Publicis Sapient has made its video available that captures an interesting discussion between Dave Murphy, Managing Partner, Financial Services, EMEA & APAC, and Tearsheet editor in chief, Zack Miller, on the rewards and risks of becoming a banking platform.

Embedded Conference 2020: OpinionMaker Panel -- Paul Diegelman, David Donavan, Michael Fitzgerald, Dov Marmor

Each conference, Tearsheet convenes an OpinionMaker Panel, comprised of thought-leaders and entrepreneurs making change happen. For the 2020 Embedded Conference, we invited Paul Diegelman - VP, Digital Payments & Data Aggregation at Fiserv, David Donovan - EVP of Financial Services at Publicis Sapient, Michael Fitzgerald - Head of Corporate Strategy, at DriveWealth, and Dov Marmor - COO, North America at Railsbank. The foursome discussed various trends in embedded finance and their opportunities and challenges.

Embedded Conference 2020: Dave Murphy, Publicis Sapient

Dave Murphy, Managing Partner, Financial Services, EMEA & APAC at Publicis Sapient talks about the rewards and risks of banking as a platform. Banks have an opportunity to innovate without becoming the plumbing of finance.

Embedded Conference 2020: Embedded Awards Ceremony

Tearsheet’s 2020 Embedded Awards honored the top players leading the movement towards Embedded Finance. The Awards celebrate the industry’s top Embedded Finance platforms by recognizing their creativity, innovative drive and consumer value. 

Here were the awards and their winners:

  • Best Banking as a Service Platform: Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking Platform
  • Best New Product: Intuit's QuickBooks Cash
  • Best Card Issuing Platform: Marqeta
  • Best Customer Onboarding Platform: Narmi
  • Best New Embedded Program: Bond
  • Best Overall Embedded Platform: Plaid
  • Best Payments as a Service Platform: Galileo

Read more about the awards here

Members of Tearsheet’s Outlier program have access to all the session videos below.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Luc Teboul, Goldman Sachs

Luc Teboul, Head of Engineering, Transaction Banking. Goldman Sachs talks about Transforming Transaction Banking: Behind the Build at Goldman Sachs.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Justin Wee, Marqeta

Justin Wee Head of Digital Banking at Marqeta talks about Banking at the Speed of Technology

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Trent Sorbe, Central Payments

Trent Sorbe, President of Central Payments talks about Challenging the Challengers: The threat large, nonfinancial brands with entrenched customer relationships pose to monoline challengers.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Greg Sassone, WEX

Greg Sassone, SVP Business & Partner Growth at WEX talks about getting creative with partnerships in today's environment.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Terry Angelos, Visa

Terry Angelos, SVP, Global Head of Fintech at Visa talks about Visa's Growing Global Ecosystem

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Jonathan Price, Q2

Jonathan Price, EVP, Emerging Businesses, Corporate & Business Development at Q2 talks about Building an Ecosystem around a Banking Platform.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Itai Damti, Unit

Itai Damti, CEO & Founder at Unit talks about the rise of the platforms.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 1]: Linda Duncombe, City National Bank

City National Bank's Linda Duncombe riffs on Building an Embedded Ecosystem around a Vertical: How City National Bank Banks Hollywood

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Clay Wilkes, Galileo

Clay Wilkes, CEO at Galileo, talks about The Future of Fintech.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Eric Rosenthal, Rapyd

Eric Rosenthal VP & Managing Director for Americas at Rapyd talks about The Growing Cross-Border Opportunity - How Challenger Banks and Traditional Financial Institutions Can Capitalize on the New Digital Economy.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Brad Paterson, Splitit

Brad Paterson, CEO at Splitit, talks about The Growth of Installment Payments Internationally.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Abid Mumtaz, TransferWise

TransferWise's Abid Mumtaz discusses International Money Transfer as a Service: How TransferWise Moves Money for Banks

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Roy Ng, Bond

Bond's Roy Ng talks about Standing on the shoulders of giants: Building Embedded Finance 2.0.

Embedded Conference 2020 [Day 2]: Asoka Dissanayake, BBVA
Asoka Dissanayake, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, BBVA, talks about the Landscape of Partnerships Between Enterprises and Banking-as-a-Service Solutions

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