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‘With the IPO, we will accelerate the progress against our product roadmap and vision’: Marqeta’s CMO, Vidya Peters

  • Marqeta's IPO last week was a seminal event in fintech and embedded finance.
  • The firm's CMO discussed her plans post-going public.

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‘With the IPO, we will accelerate the progress against our product roadmap and vision’: Marqeta’s CMO, Vidya Peters

Vidya Peters is Marqeta’s chief marketing officer, driving marketing strategy and execution. Her role includes responsibilities around brand, PR, corporate marketing, product marketing, events, and demand generation.

Source: Marqeta

Vidya joined Marqeta from MuleSoft where she led their 100+ person global marketing team. She helped scale the business from pre-IPO to one of the most successful and fastest growing public enterprise software companies. 

Following Marqeta's IPO last week, Tearsheet had an opportunity to chat with Peters about her upcoming plans.

What are your marketing/GTM plans now? Do they change with the IPO?

Vidya Peters, Marqeta: The response to our IPO is a tremendous validation of the modern card issuing market and gives us an even larger runway to capture the $74 trillion opportunity we see in global money movement. With the IPO, we will accelerate the progress against our product roadmap and vision. From a GTM perspective, we will accelerate our global expansion plans. We’re currently enabled in 36 countries with plans to expand into more by the end of next year. 


Does being public change your positioning or messaging?

Vidya Peters, Marqeta: The response from investors and the market that we saw, and how people really got the long term possibility of a company like Marqeta, only strengthens our position as the inventor of modern card issuing, which we truly believe is at the heart of today’s digital economy. We have first mover advantage, a considerable track record of innovation and a decade of payments experience translating this into helping our customers build new, flexible and faster payments offerings. When you think about the cards in your wallet or purse, the technology behind many of them hasn’t changed in decades. With our open APIs, developers can build new card offerings in days instead of months, with capabilities that wouldn't be possible with legacy cards. This IPO is a validation of our current positioning and future potential.

What are your customers' biggest challenges right now? 

Vidya Peters, Marqeta: Our customers are trying to innovate and build amazing user experiences for their end users and they don’t often have the bandwidth to navigate the complicated world of card issuing. They’re seeking out a best-in-class partner that will help them navigate this so they can focus on what they do best. We’re proud to be a truly horizontal platform, supporting commerce disruptors such as Instacart and Coinbase, technology giants such as Uber, and large financial institutions like JP Morgan and Marcus by Goldman Sachs. We’ve managed to support massive innovation for these customers at a huge scale, and aim to play a critical part in their businesses for years to come. 

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