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Are you a Confident Money Manager or a Laid-back Balancer? Marcus by Goldman Sachs launches a financial personality quiz

  • The Myers-Briggs Company and Marcus by Goldman Sachs partnered to create the Financial Personality Quiz.
  • The quiz determines four main financial personality types that signify potential strengths and weaknesses for long term financial planning.

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Are you a Confident Money Manager or a Laid-back Balancer? Marcus by Goldman Sachs launches a financial personality quiz

Goldman Sachs’ retail banking platform Marcus recently partnered with the Myers-Briggs Company as part of its financial empowerment initiatives to help consumers make better financial decisions. The partnership created a Financial Personality Quiz to help people uncover their financial management habits and behaviors to pursue sound financial decisions. 

“Through this collaboration, we’re able to combine our insights, the Myers-Briggs team on human psychology and personality preferences, and Marcus’ expertise on the financial side, to raise awareness and help more individuals design an approach that works for them,” said Jennifer Overbo, the vice president of global brand and marketing at the Myers-Briggs Company. 

The Myers-Briggs Company is one of the largest business psychology providers in the world and is known for pioneering the MBTI, a widely used personality assessment tool. The partnership extends Marcus’ consumer focused imperative of helping customers take greater control of their finances. 

Marcus Insights which was launched last year, is a personal finance management tool that allows customers to track their financial accounts in addition to monitoring their spending data highlights. 

“This is part of our aim to demonstrate what a modern consumer bank is, rooted in our transparent, customer-centric products, tools and resources,”  said Sonali Divilek, head of product at Marcus by Goldman Sachs. 

“We want to give consumers the ability to manage their personal finances holistically.”

The four different financial personality types categorized by the quiz are defined as follows:

Confident Money Manager

Confident Money Managers are long term financial planners and thinkers who are confident in their financial management skills and are likely to stick to their long term budgeting and management goals. 

Short-term Strategist

Short-term Strategists are careful planners when it comes to their finances but they struggle with long term and detailed planning. They are confident in their financial capabilities but face challenges in fleshing out details during the budgeting process. 

Value-based Planner

Value-based Planners prioritize financial decisions based on what’s important to them and view money as a means to contribute towards helping people and causes, as opposed to as a source of accumulating personal wealth. 

Laid-back Balancer

These personality types are not focused on long term financial planning and make financial decisions based on their emotions. They view long term financial planning as less significant in comparison to other facets of their lives. They also view money in terms of its application – how it can be used and who it can be used for. 

The quiz helps people learn which category they best fit into and highlights the potential strengths and blind-spots associated with their financial planning style. 

“We wanted to work with the Marcus team because we’re interested in finding new ways to better help people increase their self-awareness and, through increased self-awareness, lead better lives,” said Overbo. 

“We have a variety of assessments that help people understand how they work and interact with others, and financial management is an important aspect of our daily lives. Increased self-awareness can help people make better decisions and build a more successful money management approach.” 

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