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DataDay Conference 2022: All session videos

  • Tearsheet’s DataDay Conference focuses on financial data and the ecosystems currently being built by data aggregators, banks, payment firms, and fintechs.
  • Here are the full videos from the sessions we held on June 21, 2022.

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DataDay Conference 2022: All session videos

As financial apps and incumbent institutions further integrate, data and data sharing have become the building blocks of modern finance.

On June 21, 2022, we convened Tearsheet’s DataDay Conference, the premiere event in the financial services industry that focuses on financial data and the ecosystems currently being built by data aggregators, banks, payment firms, fintechs, and alternative sources of data used for financial decisioning.

We learned about the latest trends in the industry, growth challenges and opportunities for new and existing players, and met some of the top professionals making it all happen.

These videos are available for viewing for 7 days, after which they’ll be made exclusive to members of our Outlier program. You can sign up to access all our content here.

DataDay Conference 2022: Jessica Liberi, Head of Platform Technology, Fidelity Institutional

2022 has had no shortage of disruptions. In addition to the continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, other factors such as cyber security threats and ongoing regulatory changes have accelerated financial institutions’ need to update, or even create, firmwide digital strategies for the first time. However, many wealth managers are finding the financial technology landscape increasingly complex. What are some ways they can approach the way they think about technology and best utilize it to help their clients? 

In this fireside chat, we’re joined by Jessica Liberi, head of platform technology at Fidelity Institutional to discuss how organizations can reimagine and invest in the future of fintech to help prepare for what’s next.

DataDay Conference 2022: Crystal Anderson, Vice President of Product Management, MX

Open finance and APIs are driving a new era of financial innovation that will fuel new use cases and business models for financial institutions and fintechs. 

In this fireside chat, we’re joined by Crystal Anderson, VP of product management at MX, to discuss the kind of real-life implications open finance has for consumers, how people interact with their finances, and how financial institutions can benefit from open finance and drive innovation vs leaving it to the latest fintech app.

DataDay Conference 2022: Dave McIninch, Head of Next Generation Solutions, Fiserv

Fiserv is a global fintech and payments company with solutions for banking, global commerce, merchant acquiring, billing and payments, and point-of-sale. 

In this fireside chat, we’re joined by Dave McIninch, head of next-generation solutions at Fiserv, to discuss how banks think about next-gen banking, embedded finance, and other opportunities to hunt for lower-cost deposits while driving demand for credit products.

DataDay Conference 2022: Lindsay Davis, Head of Markets, Atomic

What if the data hidden in your paystub could qualify you for a mortgage, car loan, or help get your tax returns to you faster? What if that’s just the beginning? Consumers should be able to easily share their own payroll data to improve their financial outcomes. However, connecting to the data is cumbersome, met with non-specialized solutions – and that is why the need for Atomic exists.

In this fireside chat, we’re joined by Lindsay Davis, head of markets at Atomic, to discuss how highly fragmented, fractured, and fundamentally broken the legacy banking system is, and how Atomic’s driving the industry forward through payroll data. 

DataDay Conference 2022: Jeff Kukesh, VP of Product, Akoya

Fintech is shifting from screen scraping to APIs as the primary way to access and receive consumer-permission financial data. Standards, such as OAuth for consumer authentication or Financial Data Exchange for data schemas, have helped to bring consistency and coordination into data aggregation and accelerated open finance in the US. 

Many of the remaining hurdles in the move to API-based data access stem from areas where the standards and best practices are still being set.

In this fireside chat, we’re joined by Jeff Kukesh, VP of product at Akoya, to discuss what still makes integrations so time-consuming and complex for data recipients.

DataDay Conference 2022: Billy Marsden, Co-founder & COO, Argyle

Employment and income data is owned by the individual, yet the majority of US workers are unaware that they have control over such data. What’s more, many companies sell employee data, typically without employees’ knowledge or permission, to data brokers that then package it to determine one’s worthiness of receiving financial services. 

Understanding the control one has over this data and how it is used in lending and banking decisions is integral for workers to gain access to the financial resources they need to support themselves or provide for their families. 

In this fireside chat, we’re joined by Billy Marsden, COO and co-founder at Argyle, to talk about the importance and impact of user-permission data. 

DataDay Conference 2022: Jean-Paul LaClair (Director, Financial Wellness and Open Banking, USAA), Aly Yarris (Universal Data Access, Plaid), Don Cardinal (Managing Director, FDX)

Don Cardinal, managing director at FDX moderates this insightful panel discussion, joined by Jean-Paul LaClair, director of financial wellness & open banking at USAA, who sheds light on what open banking means for customer access at USAA, and Aly Yarris, universal data access at Plaid, sharing what open finance means for Plaid and the community banks and credit unions it connects to.

DataDay Conference 2022: Nick Thomas, Executive Vice President - Global Open Finance Innovation, Finicity

The metaverse isn’t one place, but a multiplicity of digital worlds offered by different platforms, some of which blend with the real world. It is fast evolving with a great many potential use cases. Such an all-encompassing, powerful platform will create massive amounts of personal data — and raise significant questions about privacy, security, and ethics. Should there be an overarching set of rules that can then be nuanced as needed within their contexts, whether it be the metaverse, a region, or a single country?

In this fireside chat, we’re joined by Nick Thomas, EVP of global open finance innovation at Finicity, to discuss the opportunities and challenges in oversight and protection of financial data sharing.

DataDay Awards 2022

Tearsheet's DataDay Awards is the industry’s top awards program, recognizing and celebrating the best data products, services, and brands powering the modern financial system. This year's winners include Argyle, Mastercard, Plaid, and more.

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