DataDay Conference 2021: All session videos

  • Financial data powers the modern financial services industry.
  • Last month's DataDay Conference explored the evolution of financial data ecosystems and the move toward open banking and open finance.

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DataDay Conference 2021: All session videos

As financial apps and incumbent institutions further integrate, data and data sharing have become the building blocks of modern finance.

In May 2021, we convened Tearsheet’s DataDay Conference, the premiere event in the financial services industry that focuses on financial data and the ecosystems currently being built by data aggregators, banks, payment firms, and fintechs, and alternative sources of data used for financial decisioning.

The full session videos are available to Tearsheet’s Outlier members. Thank you to our sponsors Fiserv, Finicity, Plaid, Argyle, and MX for supporting the conference.

DataDay Conference 2021: OpinionMakers Panel – Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Sharing Financial Data

Our OpinionMaker panels are always fun and this one was no exception. Wilson D’Souza, CTO of Akoya, joined Nate Caldwell, Product Manager of MX and Paul Diegelman, VP Aggregation and Information Services at Fiserv for a lively discussion about the trends, challenges, and opportunities in sharing today’s financial data.

DataDay Conference 2021: FDX Panel – Opportunities & Challenges of Implementing Industry-Led Technical Standards – FDX API Adoption in the Real World

Industry partner to Tearsheet’s 2021 DataDay Conference, FDX led a discussion with Jack Henry’s Ben Metz and Julie Batemen from Truist about the opportunities and challenges of implementing industry-led technical standards. FDX’s Tom Carpenter moderated the session that included discussion about the adoption of FDX APIs.

DataDay Conference 2021: David Whitcomb, MX & Wade Arnold, Moov

MX’s David Whitcomb was joined by MOOV CEO Wade Arnold to talk about the importance of having a strategy around open finance and how to improve it.

DataDay Conference 2021: Paul Diegelman, Fiserv & Paul DeSaulniers, Experian Consumer Services

We’re calling this session the Story of the Two Paul D’s. Fiserv’s Paul Diegelman was joined by Paul DeSaulniers of Experian to chat about the two firms’ collaboration building Experian Boost.

DataDay Conference 2021: Melissa McSherry, Visa

Melissa McSherry is Visa’s global head of data, security and identity products. She presented on how the global firm structures its internal groups around data, data protection, and data sharing, as well as Visa’s general philosophy and vision around data.

DataDay Conference 2021: Stuart Rubinstein, Akoya

Stuart Rubinstein has been at data aggregation for over 20 years. He’s the CEO at Akoya, a new financial data network owned by major financial institutions. He shares his view on how to solve the data problem with a network solution.

DataDay Conference 2021: Matt Harris, Bloom Credit

Bloom Credit’s Matt Harris led a discussion about the credit bureau tech stack and how technology companies can best work with them to create and launch credit products.

DataDay Conference 2021: Brandon Rembe, Envestnet-Yodlee

Brandon Rembe, chief product officer at Envestnet Yodlee, addressed the DataDay audience with a chat around personalized advice and delivery in the wealth management space and the role data plays in driving better outcomes.

DataDay Conference 2021: Nick Thomas, Finicity, a Mastercard Company

Finicity’s Nick Thomas presented at last year’s DataDay. This year, his firm has been bought by Mastercard, prompting Thomas’ talk about empowering customers with data, and how open finance creates opportunities for innovation.

DataDay Conference 2021: Dan Kahn, Plaid

Plaid’s Dan Kahn helped participants in DataDay 2021 map the progress towards open finance and the role policy plays in moving the industry forward in the US and overseas.

DataDay Conference 2021: Don Cardinal, FDX

Don Cardinal of the FDX discussed how his organization’s standards are helping encourage and accelerate the move to open finance and open banking.

DataDay Conference 2021: Kelly Fryer, Fintech Sandbox & Adit Patel, Stardust

Fintech Sandbox’s Kelly Fryer and Stardust’s Adit Patel chatted about how importance getting access to data is for a young, ambitious startup.

DataDay Conference 2021: Greg Wright, Experian

Greg Wright of Experian spoke about how to create a data-driven credit ecosystem that empowers lenders and consumers.

DataDay Conference 2021: Shmulik Fishman, Argyle

Argyle’s Shmulik Fishman addressed an important theme at DataDay 2021 — the rise of employment data. By leveraging the changing nature of work, financial services firms can offer expanded financial access to customers.

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